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SES Sports: Can't live SEM alone the Game Needs Me!

In online media, sports is seemingly separating itself as a standalone category of news. It’s no longer a category or subcategory. It’s unique appeal makes it immune to the forces shaping other news topics, and that quality is compels people to it. Maybe this fundamental shift in coverage technology towards sports is the reason the... Read more »

SES Chicago Day 2: Mo Page Views, Mo Problems

For much of 2009, TSB Milwaukee Bucks beat writer Jake McCormick was running the site’s (i.e. my own personal) Twitter account. Although McCormick is one fine Tweeter, this was a failed social media optimization strategy on my part. Having a personal driver, live-in chef, housekeeper is one thing. Having someone tweet for you is a... Read more »

SES Chicago Day One: Geek Becomes Geek-Chic (Maybe?)

The Social Network was the number #1 grossing movie in America these past couple weeks. And the fact that EVERYONE is on Twitter and Facebook these days (seriously, Federal law mandates American citizens join at least one of the two social media sites), it seems like we’re reaching another period of IT becoming less geekier... Read more »

SES: How Online Media is Revolutionizing the Coverage of Sports

When SES Chicago takes place October 18-22nd it will offer 70+ sessions, intensive training workshops, and an expo floor packed with companies that can help you grow your business. Programmed by the SES advisory board, you can be assured – SES content really is king! I had an exclusive email discussion with Simon Heseltine, the... Read more »

SES: the Future of Online Sports Media Comes to Chicago

Marketers and search engine optimization professionals attend SES Chicago each year to network and learn about topics such as PPC management, keyword research, SEO, social media, local, mobile, link building, duplicate content, multiple site issues, video optimization, site optimization, usability and more. When the conference takes place October 18-22nd it will offer 70+ sessions, intensive... Read more »