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2011 NFL Draft 1st Round: Random Reaction

Did everyone on Twitter hate the ESPN sappy, slobbering interviews they did with NFL Draft #1 overall pick Cam Newton? Good, they should. It was a bunch of non-journalistic pablum and fawning. Yet another terrible example of how ESPN is more a marketing company these days than it is a media company. -So after the... Read more »

Bears NFL Draft Preview: Making Predictions on their Picks

Last year’s NFL Draft was pretty boring for you- the Chicago Bears fan. No first round pick because of the Jay Cutler trade, but this week should be much more interesting. Despite having such a successful season that yields Chicago picking #29, the Bears have plenty of needs: safety, center, wide receiver, and most overwhelmingly... Read more »

Happy Patriots Day! New England to be Most Interesting NFL Draft Team

The lockout has already had an impact on this year’s NFL Draft. Unless it gets resolved by a week from Thursday, this season means teams can only trade draft picks for picks, not picks for players. Which is especially interesting for the New England Patriots, the team that goes out of their EVERY season to... Read more »

NFL Mock Draft 9-8-10

Just ONE MORE day till NFL football! On Thursday night you can see the defending champion New Orleans Saints destroy the attention-w**re wearing #4 and the rest of his Minnesota Vikings teammates. Just FOUR MORE days till a full slate of pro football! There really isn’t much else to say after that. This is a... Read more »