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Derrick Rose Surprised to Learn of "Derrick Rose Rule" in NBA CBA

Derrick Rose Surprised to Learn of "Derrick Rose Rule" in NBA CBA
Here’s a story you might have missed during your lockout hangover. I’m not sure myself if I’m over lockout illnes yet. Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose was quite surprised to learn there’s a specific provision in the new NBA collective bargaining agreement named “The Derrick Rose Rule;” which kicks in for players in his peer... Read more »

Will there Really be a NBA Lockout in '11? Yeah Probably

Eventually, there’s an inconvenient truth that we all have to deal with- the very real possibility of a lost NBA season. Last week we discussed the gloomy forecast of the NFL labor issues. You remember the shortened season of 1999, and just how much that sucked? No one is true game shape, we had a... Read more »

NBA and NBAPA Extremely Arcane about Collective Bargaining Talk

Worried about the very real possibility of a NBA season lockout in 2011? Me too. Well, thank God we have this broad, banal, blah and boring blanket statement from the league and the players association today. It tells us absolutely nothing about the collective bargaining talks that occurred today: “Today the NBPA and the NBA... Read more »