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Can Michigan State win the whole thing like in 2000?

Can Michigan State win the whole thing like in 2000?
Here we are. Another March in which not just the whole city produced 0 NCAA Tournament teams, but the entire state. Sure, you can talk NIT about Northwestern and Illinois State, but I’d figure I’d actually discuss something you might care about. There’s a ton of MSU alumni/fans in Chicago, and everyone has a bracket.... Read more »

Michigan State's Leading Scorer Summers needs to Step up Even More

It maybe single digit high temperatures and subzero wind chills in East Lansing, Michigan right now, but the Michigan State Spartans should look to make it Durrell “Summers summer, summertime Time to sit back and unwind” if they are to start living up to their preseason hype. Apologies for quoting Will Smith. Really, that was... Read more »

The #2 Michigan State, Tom Izzo Podcast

At Big Ten Media Day here in Chicago I talked to the leader of the #2 Michigan State Spartans Tom Izzo for 40 minutes, literally. And amazingly, we really didn’t get that much into basketball at all. It was more about the media, the changing nature of it, and how social media affects big time... Read more »

Michigan State Coach Returns to Sideline, with new Comedic Skills

Sometimes it’s not the best player who’s the star of the team, but the Head Coach. The 2005 World Series Champion Chicago White Sox were like that with Manager Ozzie Guillen. And in college football, the face of the program is quite often the coach, so the association is quite natural.  When you think of... Read more »

#7 Michigan State-Northwestern: Brutally Honest Game Preview

On my way home from the “Banks Bowl” (nickname I give to the annual Illinois–Michigan State meeting, because the former is my undergrad, the latter my MBA school) on Saturday night I drove past the town of Climax, MI on I-94. The miles immediately leading into Climax are exciting, but then when you’re past Climax,... Read more »

Michigan State-Illinois: Brutally Honest Game Preview

Ah there’s nothing quite like it when your alma mater takes on your MBA school. It happens every year, the conflicted feelings and ambivalence…OR NOT! When your grad school and undergrad clash, you ALWAYS go with the institution that awarded you your primary degree. And with apologies to the first Kanye West album, “you know... Read more »