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Hatred of Lebron James Unites Nation with Cleveland Today

Schadenfreude is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. This notoriously untranslatable German word is used as a loanword in English, and it perfectly encapsulates what American NBA fans are feeling this morning now that the Dallas Mavericks have denied the Miami Heat the league title. I guess it’s fitting the Finals MVP (Dirk Nowitzki)... Read more »

Bulls Fall Behind 2-1, Apocalypse Now? No, but Heat is Certainly Being Felt

Remember Chicago Bulls fans, the Bulls haven’t lost three in a row all year. So this is not the apocalypse. That was Saturday; and you survived it. Things do look bad- really bad right now, but Thibs will make adjustments. Again this is not the apocalypse, it’s not even the 2pacalypse. But the tide has... Read more »

Kobe, Lebron, Durant Rockin new Kicks in Christmas NBA Games

“This Christmas, will be a very very special Christmas” in terms of the nationally televised NBA schedule this year. The slate of games have more star power and interesting match-ups than in years past. Therefore, it will be much easier to avoid forced awkward conversation with extended family and in-laws that you can’t stand on... Read more »

Lebron Returns his Talents to Lake Erie! Heat, Cavs and BACKLASH

“Please stay Lebron. We really need you. No bigger market’s gonna love you as much as we do. It’s a choice you’re making, you’re saving our downtown. And Cleveland is a better place with you around.” Words from the hilarious comedy music video “We are Lebron,” a parody of “We are the World.“ Remember this from... Read more »

Why would Tom Izzo leave Michigan State?

We’ve all heard the news and rumors about MSU’s head coach Tom Izzo: $30 million, 5 years from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Even though State’s A.D. says no official offer has even been made. However, don’t believe any of this  hype- unless Izzo knows he has Lebron to work with. Michigan State entered this past season... Read more »