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Hatred of Lebron James Unites Nation with Cleveland Today

Schadenfreude is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. This notoriously untranslatable German word is used as a loanword in English, and it perfectly encapsulates what American NBA fans are feeling this morning now that the Dallas Mavericks have denied the Miami Heat the league title. I guess it’s fitting the Finals MVP (Dirk Nowitzki)... Read more »

Bulls Fall Behind 2-1, Apocalypse Now? No, but Heat is Certainly Being Felt

Remember Chicago Bulls fans, the Bulls haven’t lost three in a row all year. So this is not the apocalypse. That was Saturday; and you survived it. Things do look bad- really bad right now, but Thibs will make adjustments. Again this is not the apocalypse, it’s not even the 2pacalypse. But the tide has... Read more »

What Should we Expect From Lebron James in Game 2?

Among the many images we see of the ever present individual brand that is NBA superstar Lebron James, maybe Nike’s “What Should I Do?” commercial is the most telling insight into his true personal character. A lot of people misinterpreted it’s meaning. And maybe I’m reading it incorrectly as well, but what I see is... Read more »

How will Miami Heat, Erik Spoelstra Adjust in Game 2?

Following one of their three regular season losses to the Chicago Bulls, a couple of current members of the Miami Heat broke down in tears. But none of the three regular season losses (by a combined 8 points) were as emotional or as lopsided as Sunday night’s 21 point drubbing in game one of the... Read more »

Bulls vs. Heat: the Conference Finals Match-up We've Been Waiting For

In the NBA Western Conference, we have a “broken bracket.” The San Antonio Spurs and L.A. Lakers (thank goodness!) went down. But in the East, we have #1 vs. #2, the match-up everyone in the media and the league wanted. The match-up we all expected, a re-match of the 1997 Conference Finals. A match-up like... Read more »

LeBron Hatred Subsiding? James has NBA #1 Selling Jersey

LeBron James of the Miami Heat grabbed the No. 1 spot on the NBA’s Most Popular Jerseys list, regaining the top ranking for the first time since April 2004. Does that mean the backlash from “The Decision,” quite possibly one of the dumbest PR moves in not only sports but also celebrity history,  is now... Read more »

Miami Heat would NOT be a good Conf. Finals Matchup for Bulls

The Chicago Bulls might have owned the Miami Heat this regular season, but Chicago fans shouldn’t let that 3-0 mark versus the NBA signature villains fool them into complacency. And that’s especially difficult; given how the last time the teams met, the Bulls literally made them cry. The cliche is true; nba-playoff basketball is a... Read more »

Bulls Win at Miami; Heat Players Start to Cry

The villains of the NBA, the Miami Heat, are losing. They’re in a slump and they just can’t seem to handle the elite teams in the league. Not only are they having issues on the court, they’re now starting to lose it in between the ears. The Chicago Bulls won their third and final meeting... Read more »