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Jenn Sterger Speaking Publicly on Favre Sexting for First Time

The time has come for one of the biggest media sensations of 2010. The Jenn Sterger-Deadspin-Brett Favre sexting saga will rekindle itself in the NFL consciousness as Sterger, the former New York Jets in stadium hostess will go public with her side of the story. It was very difficult to not type “pubic” in that... Read more »

Jenn Sterger Coming to Bull and Bear on Friday Night

Rejoice Second City denizens, a woman who first became famous for her two silicone best friends, and then later legitimately famous for becoming a geriatric NFL quarterback’s object of lust, is making a public appearance here in Chicago during the height of college basketball hysteria. Jenn Sterger, the “surger” of web traffic for sports blogs... Read more »

Jenn Sterger Making Public Appearance in Chicago March 17th!

Rejoice Second City denizens, a woman who became semi-famous for her two best silicone friends, and then later legitimately famous for being a geriatric NFL quarterback’s object of lust, is making a public appearance here during the height of college basketball hysteria. Jenn Sterger, the “surger” of web traffic for sports blogs everywhere canceled her... Read more »

Brett Favre Fined $50K for Jenn Sterger Investigation

So it looks like the media sensations of media sensations is finally over. That whole little thinggee that flared up in October between alleged journalist Jenn Sterger and senior citizen QB Brett Favre of the Minnesota Vikings. The NFL handed out its ruling today. According to the AP, he’s now $50,000 lighter because of a “failure... Read more »

Will the Favre-Jenn Sterger Sexting Saga Story Die Today?

So the day after the New York Jets got utterly destroyed by their bitterest of division rivals, the New England Patriots, more negative publicity surrounding the Jets organization. The supposed workplace filled with sexual harassment news complements the incompetence they showed playing football in Foxborough, Massachusetts last night during the NFL‘s marquee regular season game.... Read more »

Jenn Sterger FINALLY has Meeting with NFL

Well, FINALLY! It’s about time former New York Jets sideline host Jenn Sterger met with the NFL to discuss the sexting “scandal” of Minnesota Vikings QB. You remember that story, correct? It broke well over a month ago. Actually, the story that ignited a media firestorm truly broke back in August, but the mainstream media... Read more »

Versus Cancels Jenn Sterger's Television Show

Jenn Sterger currently finds herself in the middle of a highly publicized NFL investigation regarding her back and forth texting relationship with Brett Favre. Hopefully, that matter will end soon. But despite all the press, Sterger’s star is not rising. Certainly not enough to help her now canceled television show “The Daily Line” on Versus.... Read more »

How will the Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger Sexting Scandal End?

About 3-4 days ago, the NFL said they were in the midst of their investigation into Brett Favre’s alleged sexting of Jenn Sterger, and that they would have a ruling on the Minnesota Vikings QB in 7-10 days. Therefore, as of Thursday October 28th, the sports media story of the year (originally broken by Deadspin,... Read more »

Deanna Favre Appears on Talk Show, Doesn't say much about Scandal

Some have referred to Jenn Sterger as the victim in the Brett Favre alleged sexting scandal, and to some extent that’s true. No one wants to be harassed/the recipient of unwanted creepiness, but the real victim here is actually Brett Favre’s wife Deanna. This must be a very difficult time for her as the embarrassment... Read more »

Is it time to Mute Mike Ditka?

For years I’ve debated which overrated icon of our city was more disgraceful: Jim Belushi or Mike Ditka? The former keeps hanging around despite displaying no discernible talent other than the ability to cash in on the name of his late (and far more talented) brother. The latter accomplished something once with the Chicago Bears... Read more »
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