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See Jay Cutler Walking Around Fine in LA (TMZ Breaking Video)

I don’t mean to bring up the whole Jay Cutler tough/not tough “argument” because that’s been beaten to death a million times over, but TMZ did surface this video of the Chicago Bears QB, just a couple days from his torn MCL diagnosis seen walking around Los Angeles with his girlfriend Kristin Cavallari. He seems... Read more »

The Jay Cutler Girlfriend, Kristin Cavallari Photo Gallery

Sunday’s NFC Title match will be about more than Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears and the right to go to the NFL championship game. It will also be a battle for QBs with celebrity actress girlfriends. In this post we’ll focus not on Aaron Rodgers and his “Gossip Girl” Jessica Szohr but emo QB... Read more »

Evaluating the NFC North Starting QB Girlfriends/Wives

The rumor mill spins out of control with alleged Jay Cutler-Kristin Cavallari, and Aaron Rodgers-Erin Andrews trysts, so we realized something about NFC North QBs– they can really pull some tail. And we haven’t yet mentioned the hundreds of times Brett Favre allegedly cheated on his wife, (We’ll skip discussing the whole alleged Jenn Sterger... Read more »