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#5 Michigan State-#18 Iowa: Brutally Honest Game Preview

One thing I have always wanted to see in my lifetime is a season where Michigan State football is REALLY good. Not 1999’s 10-2, Citrus Bowl winning good, but actually a player on the national scene. Like they are in basketball. I also haven’t fulfilled my lifetime dream of singing a duet with a Muppet,... Read more »

#18 Iowa vs. Ball State: Brutally Honest Game Preview

Poor Ball State. They’re getting the Iowa Hawkeyes at the exact wrong time. The Hawks were upset in the late night desert air by Arizona, and now they need wins with huge style points to compensate for how far they fell in the national rankings. Critics of Iowa say the team, and the state itself,... Read more »

Iowa Hawkeyes Tailgating Experience Video

Tailgating has no doubt been one of the biggest topics in the online sports media world this week. With this hilarious video from Arizona State, and the University of Iowa preemptively laying the law down before Homecoming night. Here’s a recap of our Iowa Hawkeyes tailgating experience, and a cool video supplementing it below. Post... Read more »

Iowa's Defensive Line: Nation's Best?

Currently one the best defenses in all of college football lives in Iowa City right now.  The Iowa Hawkeyes lead the nation in total defense (227.5), rank third in rushing defense (65.5) and fifth in scoring defense (12.0). Much of that has to do with their defensive line, which rivals Alabama as quite possibly the... Read more »

University of Iowa sends Message to Tailgating Fans for PSU Game

Saturday night brings a Homecoming football game between the Iowa Hawkeyes and Penn State Nittany Lions. And since that leaves an entire and some of the evening for Iowa fans to tailgate, wait I should put quotes around “tailgate,” the University felt the need to issue a few important reminders for those who will be... Read more »

The Iowa Hawkeyes Experience

To say that I never thought much of Iowa City prior to coming here would be an understatement. I scoffed at the University of Iowa as being a destination, or a great place to see a football game. I laughed at the idea that it could possibly be fun to go there. This weekend, Iowa... Read more »

Iowa's Adrian Clayborn has High Character, High NFL Draft Stock

This past year, there’s been talk in the pro football world about some supposed “character concerns” over Iowa Defensive End Adrian Clayborn. NFL teams are more careful than ever in this era of Roger Goodell’s attempts to legislate morality. However, there are no doubts about Clayborn’s ability on the field. The All-American Honorable Mention had... Read more »