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Illini losing ground in rivalry with Indiana Hoosiers

Illini losing ground in rivalry with Indiana Hoosiers
  Overshadowed this week by UNC-Duke, the best rivalry in college basketball and Syracuse-Georgetown, the greatest in the Big East, is Illini vs. Hoosiers, a great rivalry in itself. The all time series was tied at 83 entering tonight. However, Illinois was 5-1 in their last 6 versus IU. And that one loss in Bloomington... Read more »

College Football 77 in 77: #76 Indiana Hoosiers

To say that Indiana University is a college basketball haven but at the same time a dead zone for college football is kind of like saying that porn star/stripper/target of Anthony Weiner lust Ginger Lee is a bit skanky; an obvious understatement. There’s a serious drought going on in Tom Crean’s hoops program, but unfortunately... Read more »

Early Illinois/Indiana Tip-off Prompts Tom Crean to Tweet his Disgust

I just gained a lot more respect for Indiana Hoosiers Coach Tom Crean. This is the highest amount of college basketball sensibility I have ever seen him display. For INEXPLICABLE reasons, the Big Ten decided to make his March 5th contest at border rival Illinois an early Saturday morning tip-off. Now 11 A.M. doesn’t sound... Read more »