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Michigan State Spartans, NCAA Tournament: In or Out?

In our latest, most up-to-date NCAA Tournament bracket projection, (or college basketball “bracketology” if you will, we have the Michigan State Spartans as a #11 seed. Although the chances of them falling into that final #12 seed line (and perhaps playing within that “First Four”) are still high, even with their 66-61 narrow escape over... Read more »

Illini Continue Dominance Over Hawkeyes, Get Badly Needed Home Win

The 81-68 Illini win certainly was a game of runs in the first half as the Illini 10-0, then Iowa went  11-1, followed by ILL 16-2, then Iowa 11-5 over the final five minutes to close half. And up until the 6:02 mark in the second half, when Demetri McCamey hit a dagger to put... Read more »

Explaining Northwestern's Recent Trend of Dominating Iowa

Everyone has a foil- someone or something they just can’t get the best of. Dr. Claw had Inspector Gadget, Charlie Brown had Lucy, and her placekick holds; and I have the various forms of fried chicken. And the Iowa Hawkeyes have the Northwestern Wildcats. On Saturday, the Cats once again ruined the Hawks college football... Read more »

Iowa Hawkeyes Continue Running Wild with Robinson

Great tailbacks and the Iowa Hawkeyes football program have been like young Caucasian girls sporting giant, over-sized sunglasses. Another one pops up all the time, and the trend shows no sign of stopping. Shonn Greene is now with the New York Jets in the NFL, after winning Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year in 2008.... Read more »

Embattled, Bitter Iowa Fan Intelligently Breaks Down Northwestern

On Thursday, I will continue my series of Brutally Honest Big Ten college football Game Previews, this week focusing on the Northwestern Wildcats versus the Iowa Hawkeyes. but Before doing so, I’d like for you to take a look at what is the most disturbed and frightfully detailed vivisection of Northwestern football that I have... Read more »

#18 Iowa vs. Ball State: Brutally Honest Game Preview

Poor Ball State. They’re getting the Iowa Hawkeyes at the exact wrong time. The Hawks were upset in the late night desert air by Arizona, and now they need wins with huge style points to compensate for how far they fell in the national rankings. Critics of Iowa say the team, and the state itself,... Read more »

Iowa's Clayborn on Football agents and NFL Draft Decisions

Iowa‘s Adrian Clayborn is more than just a top #5-#15 NFL Draft prospect. He’s an interesting interview, and a candid young man with stand-up character. He was the highlight of Big Ten Media Day 2; partially because he was so candid about the transitional process from college to professional football. “The coaches sit down, and... Read more »

Iowa's Defensive Line: Nation's Best?

Currently one the best defenses in all of college football lives in Iowa City right now.  The Iowa Hawkeyes lead the nation in total defense (227.5), rank third in rushing defense (65.5) and fifth in scoring defense (12.0). Much of that has to do with their defensive line, which rivals Alabama as quite possibly the... Read more »

The Iowa Hawkeyes Experience

To say that I never thought much of Iowa City prior to coming here would be an understatement. I scoffed at the University of Iowa as being a destination, or a great place to see a football game. I laughed at the idea that it could possibly be fun to go there. This weekend, Iowa... Read more »