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Bulls Offense Needs More Balance, Better Drive-and-Kick Game

Knowing that the primary strength in NBA MVP Derrick Rose’s game is penetrating the lane, you the Bulls fan may watch game five yelling at the tv, telling Rose to echo Rihanna’s famous 2007 hit song:  “Shut up and Drive.“ You might point to the fact that his three point game has only really been... Read more »

Derrick Rose Needs to Attack the Basket as Much as Possible

Each of the two elite athletes to win the NBA MVP award for the Chicago Bulls had a special signature component in their game. For Michael Jordan, it was that deadly turnaround jumper. It was even deadlier when he added in the fade-away aspect and he seemed automatic from 14-20 feet with his j. It... Read more »

Derrick Rose Greatest Hits of 2010-11 Archive

What a magical season it has been for the Chicago Bulls, who secured the best overall record in the entire league. And what a 2010-11 it’s been for Derrick Rose, who has become the man-crush of the third largest city in the United States. He is to “us” what pre-2008 Brett Favre was to the... Read more »

Watch Derrick Rose's new Powerade Spot Here!

The Chicago Bulls budding superstar is back with a new endorsement. Derrick Rose, one of the best young point guards in the NBA’s Eastern Conference teamed up with Ken Jeong for an Adidas ad released last month. Now he’s produced a spot for Powerade. Big ups to Docksquad Sports, a fellow made man in the... Read more »

Kendall Gill talks Bulls Free Agency: EXCLUSIVE

The NBA free agency season has just begun, and trust me- it will be a hundred times more interesting and exciting than last year’s NBA regular season. I say that without hyperbole. And if you don’t believe me check out these tweets from Chris Bosh himself, the third most sought after free agent in this... Read more »