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Brian Kelly Receives Vote of Confidence from Notre Dame

The tragic accidental death of Long Grove, Illinois’ Declan Sullivan, a Notre Dame student videographer, brought a firestorm of publicity to the University. Amidst all the negative attention has been a call for Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly, and/or Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick to resign. However, ND leadership publicly stated today that Kelly will not... Read more »

Notre Dame's Brian Kelly Discusses Declan Sullivan Tragedy

After today’s 28-27 home loss to Tulsa, Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly talked at length for the first time about the tragic death of student videographer Declan Sullivan. Here are some of the more important and interesting excerpts of what he had to say at the postgame press conference. I also advise you to... Read more »

Will Tragedy at Notre Dame cost Brian Kelly his Position?

Of the two generalized groups of people calling for Coach Brian Kelly’s dismissal at Notre Dame, I think one group has a valid case, while the other does not. Negligence within the coaching staff chain of command precipitated the tragic death of Notre Dame student Declan Sullivan. He was needlessly put in a recklessly grave... Read more »

Notre Dame to Honor Fallen Student During Saturday's Game

University of Notre Dame leaders gathered today to express their profound sorrow and grief over the death of Declan Sullivan, a 20-year-old junior from Long Grove, Ill., who died Wednesday in an accident at a Notre Dame football practice field. ND Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick said Saturday’s game against the University of Tulsa will continue... Read more »

Notre Dame Student Dies in Football Field Accident

Declan Sullivan, a 20-year-old Notre Dame junior from Long Grove, Ill., died today while filming Notre Dame football practice for the Department of Athletics from a hydraulic scissor lift at the LaBar Practice Complex. He was killed by an accident that occurred when a film tower fell over. The cause of the accident remains under... Read more »