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Bulls-Hawks Playoffs Series: Separating Noise from the News

I know, I know, it’s the NBA playoffs, so everything is magnified 1000 x every game, but observers of the Chicago Bulls-Atlanta Hawks series need to regain some perspective. It seems that every game, “the momentum” shifts 180 degrees to whoever just won the last game, and whether the media actually says it or not,... Read more »

Bulls Offense Needs More Balance, Better Drive-and-Kick Game

Knowing that the primary strength in NBA MVP Derrick Rose’s game is penetrating the lane, you the Bulls fan may watch game five yelling at the tv, telling Rose to echo Rihanna’s famous 2007 hit song:  “Shut up and Drive.“ You might point to the fact that his three point game has only really been... Read more »

Chicago Bulls-Atlanta Hawks: Eastern Conf Semis Preview

Are you excited for the NBA Playoffs? Are you enthused to see your #1 seeded Chicago Bulls advance past the Indiana Pacers and meet the Atlanta Hawks in the next round? This is crunch time, the big time! Of course, this Monday, most of us are buzzing about something else. There was a news story... Read more »

Thibodeau instead of Del Negro; difference between 2-0 and 0-2

Thibodeau instead of Del Negro; difference between 2-0 and 0-2
People like Chicago Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau are a rare breed. Have you ever met anyone who literally made their trade their ENTIRE life? Without exaggeration, their life is actually 100% all vocation; and they choose to have zero personal life. Thibodeau is one of the people. Basketball is his work/life, he has no distractions... Read more »

New Coach Tom Thibodeau Provides Strong Leadership for Bulls

It’s expected that the Chicago Bulls will improve a lot this year. Not just because of all the pieces they’ve added in free agency, but because the front office also made a huge upgrade at Coach with Tom Thibodeau replacing Vinny Del Negro. I asked power forward Taj Gibson about the difference in coaching styles... Read more »