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Brett Favre Fined $50K for Jenn Sterger Investigation

So it looks like the media sensations of media sensations is finally over. That whole little thinggee that flared up in October between alleged journalist Jenn Sterger and senior citizen QB Brett Favre of the Minnesota Vikings. The NFL handed out its ruling today. According to the AP, he’s now $50,000 lighter because of a “failure... Read more »

Is it time to Mute Mike Ditka?

For years I’ve debated which overrated icon of our city was more disgraceful: Jim Belushi or Mike Ditka? The former keeps hanging around despite displaying no discernible talent other than the ability to cash in on the name of his late (and far more talented) brother. The latter accomplished something once with the Chicago Bears... Read more »

Jenn Sterger Releases Statement, not Pursuing Sexual Harrassment

As NFL writer Peter King reported earlier this week, Jenn Sterger will not likely pursue sexual harassment charges regarding the Brett Favre sexting scandal. Of course, proving that harassment at work could be difficult, as most sexual harassment cases involve situations that revolve around the chain of command in the workplace, and abuses of power. The... Read more »