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Favorite Cubs or White Sox Memory from 2011 BP Crosstown Cup? WIN BP GAS!

The annual head-to-head interleague series between the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox has stirred baseball fans’ emotions for 14 years. BP launched its sponsorship with both the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox in 2010, coinciding with formation of the BP Crosstown Cup, the first official structure to the teams’ interleague rivalry, symbolized by a namesake trophy. The trophy, which stands more than three feet tall and weighs 15 pounds, has helped raise the stakes of the series by being rewarded to the winner of the six-game head-to-head series each year. In June 2010, the White Sox took home the inaugural trophy by winning the series four games to two. They won it again this year, by the same 4-2 margin. In 2011 BP Products North America, Inc., official fuel sponsor of the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox, is bringing north- and south-siders together to bare those emotions online and tell what exactly fuels their passion for their favorite team...

BP Crosstown Cup Preview (Cubs Side) with Andre Dawson

As the city gears up for the second round of the BP Crosstown Cup, both teams are unfortunately below .500 currently. In the summer of 2011, the Chicago intra-city series will be more about bragging rights than ever for Cubs fans. As their fans know all too well, the Cubbies are buried in fifth place... Read more »

Visiting with Cubs Hall of Famer Andre Dawson at BP Crosstown Cup

This week marks the height of summer festival season. In most major cities across North America, prominent street fairs and concert series are being held. In Chicago, BP featured the city’s largest baseball at the Taste of Chicago June 24th-26th. As the entire city focuses on the BP Crosstown Cup, the annual head-to-head interleague series... Read more »