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Picking All 35 College Football Bowl Games...Some in a Snarky Fashion

TSB’s leading resident college football and college basketball nerds pick each and every game; often in very snarky fashion. DK=David Kay, PMB= Paul M. Banks Dec. 18 New Mexico Bowl: BYU vs. UTEP, 2 p.m., ESPN (DK) BYU.  The only bowl game in which neither team has a winning record.  What a way to start... Read more »

Losing Teams in Bowl Games? How Frighteningly Realistic a Scenario

Did you think the idea of expanding the NCAA Tournament to 96 teams was backwards and just plain stupid? Worried about having too many mediocre teams undeservedly in the postseason? Well, it looks like that’s about to happen, this very bowl season in college football. It’s bad enough that 6-6 teams have been getting into... Read more »