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Touring Big 10 Network HQ & Conference Expansion Talk

Touring Big 10 Network HQ & Conference Expansion Talk
Last night I was lucky enough to be at a small private reception that included Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany. Yes, I was at the same party as the most powerful man in the prestigious college basketball and college football league. Delaney’s a University of North Carolina alum, and this was a Chicago Carolina Club... Read more »

From Megaconferences to a Playoff System in 2 Easy Steps

If you’re rooting for the eventual demolishing of the BCS, in favor of a new college football playoff system (meaning you are in fact a human being who possesses a sense of decency, logic and rationality) then you should be rooting for Texas to do the right thing and eventually start the seismic change required... Read more »

Nebraska possibly joining Big 10 this week!

And the first Big Ten expansion domino falls. Probably. Nebraska is supposed to officially be joining the Midwest power conference by Friday.  This news we receive from Lee Barfknecht (yes, I know that’s a very unfortunate looking last name) of the Omaha World-Herald. If you’re unfamiliar with the World-Herald, it’s the primary daily newspaper of... Read more »

Behold! the Era of the Mega Conference Begins!

Actually, it already started and we didn’t realize it because it was in basketball instead of football. Look at the 16 team Big East hoops conference. They’re a tremendous power with more than half the teams in the NCAA Tournament each year. Shortly, we’ll see the football equivalents. It began with Nebraska joining the Big... Read more »

Who Joins the Big Ten Next?

Here’s our first ever guest post on Big Ten Guru. It comes from my neighbor, friend, and Sports Bank colleague Paul Schmidt, who covers Illinois Fighting Illini football and basketball for my website. We usually sit next to each other at press row, and carpool down to Champaign together to cover games during the season.... Read more »

Penn State's Curt Warner shares my vision: College Football Playoffs

One of the major reasons the Big Ten added Nebraska as a 12th team is to fulfill the NCAA rule requiring at least 12 in order to have a conference championship game. Because having a Big Ten championship game brings in a lot of dough. And A.D.s and conference commissioners are like Biggie and Jay-Z,... Read more »

Will small schools retain their soul in BCS Conferences?

It’s easy to understand why the small schools are in favor of a college football playoff system; the BCS prohibits them from EVER playing in the championship. The big schools in the BCS conferences? (Big 12, SEC, ACC, Pac 10, Big East and Big Ten) Well, they get shafted by the computers too, but they’re... Read more »

Nebraska officially heading into Big 10 Country

There’s a saying in politics that if you have bad news to release, announce it on a Friday at the end of the day. Better yet- the Friday of a holiday weekend. In other words, if you want absolutely as minimal coverage as possible on something, have your press conference on a Friday at 5.... Read more »