Worst Stereotypical Female Facebook Pics

Worst Stereotypical Female Facebook Pics

Sometimes you see a post that is just brilliance in it's most purified form. That's what I thought when I saw Zoot Patrol's "10 Profile Pictures Girls use on Facebook to Look Hotter."

Come for the sexy/hilarious pictures, stay for the spot-on social critique. I do wonder though how many of these girls make these poses
out of simple lack of originality rather than attempting to manipulate their aesthetic appearance?

The list did however, overlook cliche #1, the "look at how much I party" pic!

Then again humanity as we know it has gone from the "me generation" in the 1980s (thank you author Tom Wolfe) to the "look at me generation" in the '90-'00s (thanks, columnist David Brooks critiquing the Wolfe novel "I am Charlotte Simmons") to the "Please for the love of God LOOK AT ME, Why aren't you looking at me!?!?" generation of the 2010, so maybe they're right.

Either way, yes indeed, women who repeatedly do the whole mirror self-portrait bit (because you really you need to be photographed THAT BADLY, and no one is around to do it) are 95% of the time self-hating, psychotic hosebags. Zoot Patrol nailed that one.

And the duck lips trend is becoming like giant, over-sized sunglasses were in 2007. Even one of Aaron Rodgers' past girlfriends from that Gossip Girl show is doing it.

See more here

And here's the typical "hey, look at cleavage" shot.


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