Details on new College Football Playoff System

Details on new College Football Playoff System

Like the famous book is titled “Death to the BCS ,” and it looks like it’s finally here as the University presidents announced approval of a 4-team seeded playoff for college football. The committee will select teams based on conference championships and strength of schedule, beginning with the 2014 season.

There will be 6 bowls to be utilized as part of the semifinals, likely to include the 4 BCS bowls. The title game will be bid out to cities just like the Super Bowl. One city you’ll see for sure in the mix is Indianapolis.

Everyone raved about the Super Bowl in Indy, how everything was so centrally located for it, and perfectly situated in the circle city- just like they did with the Big Ten championship. The capital of Indiana just seems perfect for hosting these kind of events so I’m guessing they’ll have the title game some time soon.

The Cotton Bowl will be the fifth bowl in rotation probably, as for the 6th? The Gator Bowl? Whatever the hell the Citrus Bowl is called today? That stadium in Orlando is getting it’s badly needed renovation (it was announced today), so they will be a player. Let the bidding begin.

Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delaney, arguably the most powerful man in college sports, talked about the plan.

“We were supportive of what we had, we understood it was under a lot of criticism…but we also think the method for selecting teams is more rational, it’s got fewer conflicts, it’ll be more transparent, so when I look at the whole situation, I think the Big Ten is well served, I think college football is well served, so we’re real excited about it.”

College football definitely got it right: a regular season that is stronger than ever; the bowl games are still all in place; and a true champion to be decided on the field.

It’s a 12-year deal for the playoff. At an estimated $500 million a year for the semis and title game, that’s likely a $6 billion TV deal.

“There’s a great sense of satisfaction, I was delighted last week and I’m more than delighted today after a great conversation with our presidents, and they endorsed this proposal, it’s the culmination of a lot of years,” SEC Commissioner Mike Slive said.

The SEC title game becomes a de facto elite 8 game now, as does at least one other conference championship game each year. So in a sense you have 8 already, not just a final four.

So how long until we get to a 16 team model, a true “December Delirium” to rival march madness in college basketball?

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