Why is Penn State Letting Mike McQueary Stay and Coach?

Why is Penn State Letting Mike McQueary Stay and Coach?

Heads are rolling at Penn State. Joe Paterno is obviously the most marquee name, as his dismissal caused demonstrating and rioting. The Athletic Director, V.P. of Finance and University President are gone too. Yet Mike McQueary, the current wide receivers coach and then graduate assistant who actually witnessed one of the alleged anal rapes, is allowed to stay?

He'll coach from the press box Saturday versus Nebraska, because the university is fearing for his physical safety. So he keeps his job?


The ONLY third party witness to one of the child rapes, who didn’t even tell the police about it; instead he just told his dad, and then his occupational dad, JoePa, is somehow still allowed to coach? Where’s the justice in that?

Is it because of whistle-blower laws? Is he even eligible for that? This is a PR disaster for Penn State. He's the face of the recruiting program! He's the guy who's in kids living rooms with their parents on recruiting trips- THIS GUY!

If you’re going to clean house at Penn State, and I agree that’s what needs to be done, why the hell is one of the major witnesses complicit to Jerry Sandusky’s sick pedophilia not being punished with the rest of them?

McQueary is a former record setting QB for the Nittany Lions. He was the BMOC, starting quarterback, in State College in 1996-7. Despite that, the ginger man was relatively obscure prior to the scandal. It’s mostly because he 1.) followed Kerry Collins at PSU, but didn’t follow him into having a pro career 2.) benefited greatly from having great defenses and skill position guys around him to pad his stats.

Why didn’t McQueary come forward with “the information” he acquired in 2002 at the showers of the football practice facility? Did Sandusky have something on him? Or the other people in the PSU hierarchy? Did McQueary use the information he had to get ahead in the hierarchy?

When this happened, he was a 26 year old man and quite respected on campus, a former QB, a major BMOC- yet he didn’t use his influence for good. He wouldn’t do what’s right; and that makes him complicit in this entire sordid affair. He should get the axe just like the rest of them.

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  • McQueary, the enabler, will sing like a canary.

    New sick rumors are flying.

  • Paterno got fired for reporting a second-hand accusation up the administrative chain of command. Why? His marquee name in a media frenzy. Now that Penn State has taken care of that, they'll appoint a committee to investigate.

    This is Nancy Graceless run amok.

  • From what I hear, he's the prosecution's star witness, so he has to be protected- and he claims he's been taken outside of State College

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