#12 Penn State vs. #19 Nebraska: Darkest Game Preview Story Ever

#12 Penn State vs. #19 Nebraska: Darkest Game Preview Story Ever

Are you ready for some football? You have burning questions about what will happen on the gridiron in State College this weekend?

Penn State news that actually focuses on college football? Hhmm, yeah, we’ll try.

It’s hard to think about football when you have a campus in mutiny due to the firing of one of the game’s biggest icons. And that firing was justified because of the university’s looking the other way while a defensive coordinator raped children.

It’s also harder to preview this game when Penn State cancelled their weekly press conference. But alas, we will talk about football. It’s SAD and PATHETIC that PSU is “carrying the flag” for the Big Ten conference. They’re the highest ranked team, the only team with just one-loss and the only squad undefeated in conference play.

So, until further notice they are the Big Ten’s (sigh) “best team.”


Nebraska Cornhuskers Analysis:

Watch the video above. That’s what happens when you have non-sports media reporting on sports stories. but can you blame CNN? ESPN overall did a good job, up until the night of the firing, when they kind of reverted to form (i.e. sports marketing station, NOT a sports news station)

What does this have to do with Nebraska? Welcome to the conference boys. Welcome to the BTN. Two big questions about this game: 1.) Will the blackshirts defense, led by LB Lavonte David be able to stop Silas Redd, one of the league's best rushers? How about the Huskers who eat the most corn up front, will they get a good push, and protection versus Devon Still, a midseason all-american.

Penn State University Radio reported a rumor Wednesday night that senior players will refuse to play Saturday in protest of Paterno’s firing. That will no doubt help the Huskers, if true. But as we all know now, it won't. PSU is certainly getting the Huskers at the exact wrong time.

They’re no doubt pissed about that upset loss to Northwestern. They don’t often lose at home, and now their BcS chances are in serious trouble. Running back Rex Burkhead was held to a season low in rushing yards last week. Therefore, he’ll have much to prove this week. And this game will certainly be a match-up of the ugliest quarterbacking stats (PSU) vs. the QB with the ugliest throwing mechanics in history.

From now on, I’m not calling any woman ugly again. I’ll just say she looks like Taylor Martinez’s throwing motion.

Penn State Nittany Lions Analysis:

Number one concern here is safety. Should 105,000 people be gathering in Creepy Valley right now? You saw the riots a couple days ago, which included turning a television news van- stay classy State college. Wide receivers coach Mike McQueary will not coach Saturday, out of fear for his physical safety. And this makes you wonder how physically safe the fans will be tomorrow morning.

Fired Penn State President Graham Spanier is a big shooter with the BCS. Can we take this opportunity to fire the BcS too?

“Either you die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” – Harvey Dent AKA Two-Face

I think you know who that quote applies to.

Make no mistake, this is one of the worst one-loss teams in history. The Illinois special teams gave them that last win. PSU did not win it. Also Penn State beat lowly Indiana by a whopping 6 points this year. And another question- why is Mike McQueary still on staff?

Now I am pissed off about JoePa being fired, if he gets the guillotine while McQueary still walk? Where’s the justice in that?

Prediction to be taken with an entire truckload of salt, not a grain of salt: NU 31, PSU 17 (2010-11 prediction record 33-18)

What if Penn State makes the Rose Bowl? Or the Big Ten championship? If they win two of their last three that can happen. And if the Legends division winner stumbles versus Silas Redd and company in Indy…today you have a new “America’s team;” whoever’s playing PSU. The Lions likely won’t get to Indianapolis however, They are only where they are due to their schedule. It’s been weak; now they’re getting into the actual strength.

Even if they pull the 3.5 point upset at home on Senior Day, Wisconsin will KILL THEM in Madison two weeks from now, and Ohio State should beat them the week in between; in what should be the most boring, lowest scoring game in conference history. And then what bowl committee takes Penn State?

Bowl selection is all about marketing, branding, a football game that you can sell. In other words, it’s all about a bunch of non-football things. Who wants Penn State in this scenario?

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  • Penn State should END THEIR SEASON NOW without the last game to show how serious they are about being contrite about their PEDOPHILE SCANDAL.

    Enough NCAA cash-grabbing and pretend piety - put your money where your flapping mouth is.

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