10 Suggestions for Replacing Anna Kournikova on "The Biggest Loser"

10 Suggestions for Replacing Anna Kournikova on "The Biggest Loser"

She was polarizing from the beginning. Her initial episode drew mixed reviews to say the least.

As you no doubt heard yesterday, Anna Kournikova is one-and-done as the lead trainer on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” The former mediocre tennis player who made it big because of her undeniable sexiness wasn’t considered the greatest trainer ever; and a less stellar replacement for Jillian Michaels.

From Yahoo:

“I enjoyed my time on the ‘Biggest Loser’ ranch. Although I will not be returning as a full time trainer on season 13, I will always be a part of ‘The Biggest Loser’ family and my commitment to bettering lives through health and fitness will continue,” she said in a statement.

Kournikova joined as a host and trainer for the show’s 12th season after Jillian Michaels’ exit. Kournikova’s departure was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter. She was rumored to be “a nightmare to work with.”

Now it’s time to move on to the future, who should be the next star of the reality series that turns people from fat to phat?

megan fox cheerleader

These are in no particular order, candidates are not ranked. All are quite fit and trim, and take working out very seriously, which is something you want in a reality show trainer. Click on any and all names where highlighted to see many more pictures of/learn more about each woman. Also, click on any of the pics here for a larger view.

1. Megan Fox 

Not as far-fetched as it sounds; since her bitter departure from Transformers, bad PR about her has spread, and Fox’s stock has fallen. Plus her body weight and figure seems to yo-yo a lot; perfect when your gig is trying to reshape multiple body types.

2. Alex Morgan

Such a rock star right now, and this role should go to an athlete. Although Morgan lacks the comfort on camera of her teammate…

3. Hope Solo

Has the candor, confidence and credentials: ESPN Body Issue, Dancing with the Stars. Very credible choice....until today, when she responded to being booted off DWTS by crying about it and refusing to do interviews

erin andrews working out

4. Erin Andrews

Has a lot going for her: workout guru, immense star power, camera skills, victim card. Former Florida Gators dance team member has athletic chops too

5. Brooke Burke

Longshot, but she appears to be all about getting/staying famous no matter what the cost. Therefore, she could manage both this show and DWTS at the same time.

6. T-Mobile Girl Carly Foulkes

In case NBC wants to go cheape, I threw a more obscure name in here

7. Jenn Brown

Erin Andrews Lite, without the victim card. And sub Gators softball for Gators dance team

8. Lindsey Vonn

Her legs alone should get this gig- or any gig she ever wants in any field for that matter.

9. Jennifer Love Hewitt

The Kournikova name kind of screams “90s it girl” so I felt it necessary toadd another one to this list.

10. Eva Longoria

Knows a lot about NBA bodies- hey yo! And this is all about conditioning bodies.

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  • Have you ever seen Jackie Warner from Bravo's Workout? She would be awesome.

  • No, I haven't. But maybe I should check that out. Physical fitness is something I'm really getting into!

    I was going to recommend Ashley Bond from Body by Bond the fitness blogger on this network. But I figured that would be just too blatant of homerism

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