New Chicago Bulls Dance Team (Luvabulls) Unveiled for 2011-12 (Videos)

When I was on my media studies fellowship; granted by the Fulbright foundation, I was told that the program had a 9% acceptance rate. Well, that’s nothing compared to the odds of trying to make the Luvabulls, the Chicago Bulls dance team.

Last year, they started out with 25 on the squad. There were 21 by the end of the NBA season; 16 returned to try out this season (all veterans must re-apply each year by rule and the coordinator told me if they get above 50% retention in this area, it’s a very good year). 15 of those 16 who returned made the cut for 2011-12. That leaves nine spots open for 290 new dancers. Yes, that’s 3.1%.

In other words, my odds of getting that scholarship was triple the likelihood of last night’s selection process. For further comparison sake, the acceptance rate for Princeton’s last freshman class was 13%.

And this highly selective process came to a close last night at UIC’s practice gym.

And I was on hand to see the final cut, and to meet and greet the new 2011-12 Luvabulls squad. Yes, I really know work is so difficult and grueling for me, isn’t it? I just love being envied by all my guy friends.

Later today,I’ll have video from one rookie and one veteran.

And for more photos, go to my TwitPic account.

Here are 5 videos from last night’s final routine:

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