Rex Grossman is seriously the Washington Redskins Starting QB!

Rex Grossman is seriously the Washington Redskins Starting QB!

The "sex cannon" is once again a starter in the NFL. The Washington Redskins depth chart lists Rex Grossman as first on the depth chart for quarterback. (And people wonder why I call Daniel Snyder the worst owner in all of sports).

Does that sound nuts to Chicago Bears fans? It should because Rex Grossman's one "good" season. Actually, it was a good half-season as Sexy Rexy led the Bears to the Super Bowl (or you could say they went to the Super Bowl in spite of him,

His twenty-three touchdowns in one season ('06) rank Grossman among the best Bears quarterbacks in the franchise’s history. while his twenty interceptions in one season are among the most thrown by any Bears’ quarterback in almost two decades. The unusual combination ranked Grossman as statistically the most inconsistent quarterback in almost a decade. See the chart below


But it's not that crazy, as Grossman had his best season passer rating for his career last year; by about 10 points. And he played in four games, started three, so he ended up with the third most passing attempts in a season for his career.  And what else can the Skins do? John Beck, could beat Rex out for the #1 position. But after gets real ugly. It's pretty sad that Washington has had so few options that they need to settle for Rex.

It's going to be yet another long season in what should be the NFL's toughest division. Good luck getting past the Eagles, Giants and Cowboys.

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