Popularity of Chicago Singles Only Softball League Growing Rapidly

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When it comes to Chicago baseball, the current focus is on the

intra-city series between the Cubs and White Sox. Of course, both teams

being under .500 means this year lacks a serious buzz (last night's game

at the Cell set a new low for crosstown classic single game


However, I have a seen a unique Chicago baseball (well, softball

actually)   media story emerge. After all, this is the city where the

game was invented (Thanksgiving 1887 at the Farragut Boat Club) and the

sport's biggest star, Jennie Finch played professionally.

And now a new chapter in Chicago softball history.

S3 Softball is a  16" non competitive singles only league. Yep, singles only, which makes playing in the league an extremely fun, unique experience.

It plays every Sunday. Here's how it works:

By Paul M. Banks

18 Softballers per team (ages 21-39). Half guys. Half girls. They place you on a team with others your age from your area.

The league is currently in Chicago and New York, with Boston coming

soon. The second city second season starts July 31st. But don't wait,

spots are going very fast. League Founder Ben Shimon articulated his inspiration for starting the league on the S3 website:

We made it through another brutal Chicago winter, and summer is

almost upon us. Sunny, warm weather is just around the corner. It's

time to start figuring out how to be outside as much as possible!

That's where I got the idea for Singles Softball Sundays.

Obviously going to the beach and lying on a blanket in a park is nice,

but what about being active and playing in a social summer sports

league!? S3 Softball is the answer. Your knight in shining armor. Here

to whisk you away on its white horse of fun and meeting singles in this

great city.

Those who play have nothing but good things to say.

"When I joined, I really had no idea what to expect, but I've made a

bunch of really great friends through the league - guys and girls," said

league member Tory Vachula.

"There are definitely hookups throughout the summer, and two of my

good friends who met through S3 have been dating for a while now.

Everyone joins S3 alone or with a friend or two, so it's a lot of fun

getting to know all your teammates."

And you don't have to be Jennie Finch or Albert Pujols. It truly is about how much fun you have, not whether you win or lose.

"The whole league is just as much about being social as it is about

playing softball, so it's really easy to strike up conversations at the

bar after the game - everyone is there to meet new people," said


"Even the umpires are entertaining and encourage a little friendly

rivalry out on the field. No one cares too much about how good you are

at softball, so there's no pressure," she continued.

The league was founded in 2009. There are two seasons every year, and

Tim Bussman has played in all five since the league's inception.

"I moved up to the city in the winter of 2009, and I really didn't

know that many people in the city. About 80% of my Chicago friends are

people that I met in this league," said Bussman.

"On a couple of my teams that I was on, we did other events besides

softball. There's been house parties, bar crawls, BBQ's, Cubs/Sox

games, etc. I had a birthday party this past April at a Wrigleyville

bar and a majority of them that came were from S3 Softball," he


There are two leagues: Oz Park and Wrightwood Park. The Wrightwood

league is smaller, and it's post-game bar (Augie's) features a large

outdoor patio with sand volleyball and bags. The postgame bars for Oz

are Kelsey's and Kinkade's,which are larger (as is the league) and

accommodate a party atmosphere.

"People are always joking around and having fun and the interaction is awesome," said Bussman.

Learn more about the leagues here

Go here for more league testimonials

Paul M. Banks is CEO of The Sports Bank.net. He's also a regular contributor to Chicago Now, Walter Football.com, Yardbarker, and Fox Sports You can follow him on Twitter


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