College Football 77 in 77: #76 Indiana Hoosiers

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To say that Indiana University is a college basketball haven but at the same time a dead zone for college football is kind of like saying that porn star/stripper/target of Anthony Weiner lust Ginger Lee is a bit skanky; an obvious understatement.

There's a serious drought going on in Tom Crean's hoops program, but unfortunately for the gridiron Hoosiers, they've done nothing to pick up the slack and get the fanbase interested in sports.

At least they were fun to watch last year. They threw the ball all
over the place for big yards, but at the same time their running game
and defense was a train wreck. (What else is new in Bloomington?)

Oh yeah, the head coach

Regime change seems sudden, but progress takes time as Kevin Wilson takes over at IU.

By Paul M. Banks

2010 was: bad, but somewhat interesting as the
Hoosiers came dangerously close to becoming the first team to ever go
4-0 in non-conference and 0-8 in conference (I'm not sure if any team
has actually done that or not.)  However, the final weekend of the
season saw the Hoosiers beat Purdue in a game that zero people outside
the "Crossroads of America" cared about.

Last year's campaign showed yet again that the Hoosiers 1.) overdo
the cupcake scheduling and 2.) don't seem to fit in very well in the Big Ten. These inconvenient truths cost Bill Lynch his job.

BMOCs: RB Darius Willis (if and only if he can get
his mind and body right). He has all the talent in the world, but also
has injuries and discipline issues. Tandon Doss may be gone to the NFL,
but there are lots of stellar WRs still around- especially Damarlo
Belcher and Duwyce Wilson. IU is kind of like the pro team in the state:
lots of talented receivers, exciting passing game, rings around the
shoulders/armpits on the jerseys. Ok, the similarities actually end
there. RT Justin Pagan could have a NFL future.

2011 will be fruitful if: QBs Dustin Kiel or Edward Wright-Baker
can pick up where Ben Chappell left off. That's a lot to ask. However,
the OL is expected to be solid and there are playmakers all around. Some
experts are high on their defensive front seven, although I really
can't understand why. Yes, there are lots of returning starters, but
they weren't any good last year. Why the blind faith in their

2011 will be awful if: They defend like they have
for the better part of the last few decades. Indiana has gotten more
competitve and exciting to watch lately, but they haven't contended for a
league title since...??? I don't know...long before I was born. (Their last
conference crown came in 1968. With a new QB and Head Coach, this looks
to be another proverbial "rebuilding year"

Bottom Line: Yet another WEAK non-conference
schedule means they'll look better than they really are during the early
going. And perhaps that will bring them some confidence to upset a
couple conference opponents. But they'll fight with the Gophers
for last place, and won't even remotely be considered for a bowl bid.
Meaning this November/December Hoosier fans can go back to their
favorite past time- calling for the head of Tom Crean.

Paul M. Banks is CEO of The Sports He's also a regular contributor to Chicago Now, Walter, Yardbarker, and Fox Sports You can follow him on Twitter


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