Terrelle Pryor's Phat Ride, Prospects he'll Leave Ohio State

At least five sources close to college football and the NFL have told CBS' Len Pasquarelli that the five Ohio State Buckeyes suspended for the first five games of the season are expected to at least reconsider their supplemental draft stock.

It doesn't mean it's going to happen, but a lot more options are on
the table. Everyone wants to talk about Terrelle Pryor, one of the most
publicized (read: extremely overrated) players in Big Ten
history when it comes to the "Buckeye Five" (aw what a cute name-
they're such persecuted and oppressed political prisoners), but it's
Devier Posey who really has the highest NFL draft stock of the group.

The unraveling of the sweater vest changes the dynamic, and now we
hear whispers that Pryor and other draft-eligible Buckeyes would leave
Columbus for the supplemental draft. Of course, that whole NFL lockout
thing kind of makes things even muddier.

But TPeezy2, as he's known on Twitter has other issues to deal with
first. Like perhaps a gathering storm revolving around his ride. It's
pretty well known that OSU players drive cars that cost well beyond
their means. And there's obviously been lots of talk about "friends of
the program" supplying those cars. Here's video of Pryor and his 2007
Nissan 350Z from Monday night (Sports by Brooks)

Here's more about that car, from SB:

Four hours earlier, the COLUMBUS DISPATCH reported that the NCAA was currently investigating Pryor's use of vehicles while enrolled as a football player at Ohio State - and even before he signed with the school in 2008.

The NCAA and the Ohio State
University's compliance office are conducting an independent
investigation of Terrelle Pryor amid allegations that the star
quarterback may have received cars and other extra benefits, sources
told The Dispatch today.

Pryor has been questioned by OSU compliance officials in the
past, but sources said this is the most significant inquiry to date. He
already has been interviewed at least once by investigators within the
past few weeks, sources said.

Pryor and the cars he drives have been an issue since he arrived
on campus three years ago. Pryor has been connected to more than a half
dozen vehicles during his time at Ohio State, according to sources.

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  • I remember reading somewhere back in December that Tressel was going to have to resign...

  • You wrote on X-mas day

    "Jim Tressel will no longer be the head football coach at Ohio State University after the Sugar Bowl against Arkansas"

    Read more: http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/daily-chicago-sports-tab/2010/12/jim-tressel-leaving-ohio-state.html#ixzz1Nx34HmUz

    Well technically true, as this is AFTER the Sugar Bowl. It's also 6 months after the sugar bowl, and your statement implies that he was going to step down immediately after the sugar bowl, not after all of the next session of spring football, plus a couple months of the offseason.

    Basically, it's the same exact thing as if Tressel had coached another 25 years, and retired (by choice) with honor and no scandal, because technically he stepped down after the sugar bowl. When you write an incendiary column like that, which prematurely jumps the gun, you need to state a specific timeline.

  • You can say "I told you so" all you want, but you have not changed my opinion on your decision making process to publish that post. If others out there want to commend you for being first to the party on this this- thats fine. You just won't get any comments of that sort from me

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