Aaron Rodgers ' New GF: Comes Complete with Tramp Stamp, Stripper Name


Green Bay Packers QB and Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers supposedly has a new girlfriend in his life. Big h/t to sports media website Terez Owens.com for their beach bikini pictures of Aaron Rodgers with his new beau Destiny Newton. How's
that for a stripper/porn star name. And she shares another trait with
many of the women who work in that industry- a lower back tattoo,
colloquially known as a tramp stamp.

And it's not a tramp stamp like the one ESPN analyst Jenn Brown has; it's much bigger.


And Aaron Rodgers has been with women like Jenn Brown before- he was rumored to be linked up to Erin Andrews; and also actress Jessica Szohr.
Then there are a few of the commenters on this site; as well as many of
the people who find this site via the search engines, who believe that
Rodgers is actually gay.

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  • Rodgers hasn't officially come "out of the closet", but they DO refer to him as "Gay Rod" in Green Bay.

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