2011 NFL Draft 1st Round: Random Reaction


Did everyone on Twitter hate the ESPN sappy, slobbering interviews they did with NFL Draft #1 overall pick Cam Newton?
Good, they should. It was a bunch of non-journalistic pablum and
fawning. Yet another terrible example of how ESPN is more a marketing
company these days than it is a media company.

-So after the dust was settled I got 5 correct (including the hometown Chicago Bears pick, and the #1 overall) in my NFL mock tying the Fox Sports guy who did the whole 7 rounds, Scout.com, and Brian Billick's mock on Fox

-Since Fox Sports acquired Yardbarker Network, my monthly payments
from them now come deposited directly into my account from Fox. You'll
also notice a lot more Sports Bank stories have been running on Fox. Here are a few examples. So
technically these guys and I have the same corporate parents (even
though TSB is still a free, independent entity), and as such I had to

Things I learned tonight, or maybe knew before.

Or maybe, if we can get Socratic, true knowledge only comes from knowing; that you know nothing!

-I guess that's me, ALWAYS pick a QB #1 in your mock, no matter how
weak the quarterback class. ALWAYS load up your first round with
"reaches" at QB. Again no matter how awful the class of prospects, they
will get picked much higher than they should.

-I learned about doing DSN's radio show in Cleveland tonight, Browns
fan still HATE the Denver Broncos! The 1980s will never be forgotten in
the city that rocks. They also HATE the Ravens, not just because
they're the team stolen from them, but Baltimore seems to always screw
them on trades.

-The Saints get Mark Ingram, and his slow ass 40 time. I don't get it. Keep Pierre Thomas (good move) draft Ingram? Obviously they had a new running back get
injured every quarter this past season, and Reggie OVERRATED Bush is
clearly out of town, but this still surprises me.

RT @reggie_bush?: It's been fun New Orleans. <-- pretty much says it all

-LOVE what they did with their other pick though! Cal's Cameron Jordan at #24 is the best value pick of round one.

-Troubled CB Jimmy Smith from Colorado to Baltimore?  "That's So Raven!" Seriously he can fit in
well in that hard-nosed locker room. If anyone can make him "turn the
light on" and "get it" it's that locker room. The city of Baltimore may
have some neighborhoods that are as thuggish ruggish as him, but the
football environment is anything but.

-QUIT saying "Lee-gent" you helmet-haired bloviating blowhole (Mel
Kiper Jr.), it's LEGIT! as in short for legitimate, as in opp of your
pronunciation. Corey Liguet! Danny Watkins! Phil Taylor! Who knew the
Texas Bowl between the Illini
and Baylor would have as many future NFL first-rounders (three) as any
other bowl! The Citrus Bowl (Alabama three, Michigan State Spartans
zero) and Insight (Iowa Hawkeyes one, Mizzou 2) also had three.

-Chris Berman is GREAT to watch....when your sound is off.

-How about a second opinion? Well "Boomer" is difficult on the eyes too

-Why did they show highlights of Jake Locker throwing the ball away in his highlights package to show what a great pro he'll be?

-Julio Jones, last time I saw a guy in a bowtie during a draft, it was Joakim Noah.

-SUH and  FAIRLEY? Is the Detroit Lions bandwagon about to start

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