10 Most Irritatingly Over-played Stadium Tunes

black-eyed peas

There some stadium songs that are just overkill. These are annoying.

Then there are certain tunes that make you wish homicide against the
music director was legal. What's even worse is that these "jams" are
supposed to make happy and care-free, to get you "into it."

That's kind of tough to do when what they're blaring is something
you've heard so many times it makes your ears bleed. The list that
follows is the evil identical twin (Because both of these lists are
evil) of the Five Most Annoying Stadium Sound Effects which we published last summer.

And speaking of lists, Playboy just released their top ten party school list, so you might want to check that out.

Back to the ten worst songs after the jump.

10. "Strike it Up" Black Box

It's amazing how a song from 22 years ago can be so over-played! It
just never died out, like most one-hit wonders do. Actually, they're a
house music two-hit wonder, as they also scourged the Earth with that "do de do OWWW" song; officially entitled "Everybody, Everybody." Gawd damn do I HATE the United Center music selection.

My hometown Chicago Bulls may have the best record in the NBA, but their home venue has the WORST music selection in the league; maybe all of sports.

9. "Everybody Dance Now" C&C Music Factory (or C&C "Music Manufacturing Plant," as Borat called it)

The Simpsons parodied this song twice: over a decade ago. So didn't
we realize it needed to be retired a long time ago?  Ditto for "Get
Ready for This!" Or anything by 2 Unlimited for that matter.

8. Y.M.C.A. Village People

This jam is older than I am, so how annoyingly over-played was it
when it first came out? At the height of its popularity? That's a scary
thought because it's horribly cliche today.

7.  Anything else on Jock Jams Vol 1

Like I said, the United Center "dee-jay" needs to be canned this very
second. All they do is play shopworn crapola off an album designed to
be cliche crap, over and over again. The Luvabulls, (the Bulls Dance team) deserve much better than this. No one over the age of 5 could ever dance to the garbage played at the UC.

6. "Bad Romance" Lady Gaga

Need to make a hit song? Just take the last part of your stage name,
rhyme it with troglodytic gibberish, and presto- there's your refrain.
Pretty soon every marching band in the nation will pick it up.

5. "Poker Face" Lady Gaga

I understand why every college band picked up her music right away.
It's so easy to learn because all of her tunes can be perfected by
anyone; musical knowledge, talent and ability is optional.

4. "Dynamite" Taio Cruz

I think music writers will look back on the early 2010s as the time
when every R&B, hip-hop song was performed by someone who sounded
like they had a voice box on them. A bunch of T-Pain wannabes.
Interesting concept there, I guess anyone can get a recording contract
if you're just going to alter their voice anyway. This song embodies the
current "era" perfectly.

3. "Let's Get it Started" and "Boom Boom Pow" Black Eyed Peas

I think I'm going to throw up in my mouth just from thinking about
this. These songs are on albums owned by people who actually despise the
concept of music.

2. "All I do is Win" DJ Khaled

What makes this song such an especially trite platitude is that YOU
KNOW it was written/composed for one purpose only: to be the MOST
ANNOYING OVERPLAYED stadium song ever. And yet....

1. "I gotta Feeling" Black Eyed Peas

There it is. I just threw up on my shoes. This horrible song is Pavlovian to me.

I know there's a few more that I missed. SO PLEASE add yours below. There's a whole classic rock subcategory I overlooked.

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