Super Bowl Win or Loss, Roethlisberger Still Not Redeemed

Should Ben Roethlisberger
and the Pittsburgh Steelers win the Super Bowl this Sunday, you may
start to hear some of the more truth and competency challenged members
of the media refer to "Roethlisberger's Redemption" when nothing could be further from the truth.

Success in the NFL
and being a drunk scumbag who forces women to have sex with him are two
separate and distinct behavioral patterns that have nothing to do with
one another. Now yes, Big Ben has not been charged with a crime, but
charges were filed against him on two separate occasions, and later
dropped. The charges were similar in their accusations, and both
conformed to the patterns of behavior he's displayed all his life, going
back to the University of Miami.

And winning another title does nothing to change the sexual assault
reputation he's acquired. It sickens, absolutely SICKENS me that a
recent poll conveyed that Jay Cutler was more despised than
Roethlisberger. Where are people's priorities?

ben roethlisberger

A must-read piece is the Good Men Project's "We Make the Assholes." As
a fan, journalists, or anything and everything in between. (or people
like me are both at the same time) I implore you to read it and do some
introspection. Here are a couple excerpts, which feature some great
quotes from the craziest old man on Twitter.

It's "an understandably irresistible storyline," author Buzz Bissinger writes, but ultimately one that's "silly."

He's right. For Roethlisberger--accused of sexually assaulting a
20-year-old college student in March of last year, and a 31-year-old
casino host in 2008--to achieve "redemption" through winning the Super
Bowl is a bit far-fetched. No, achieving redemption would take actually
mean doing something positive or changing who he is as a person. Maybe
he could volunteer for RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National
Network), like ex-WWF wrestler Mick Foley
(who volunteered, I should add, out of concern, not because he committed a crime against them).

But winning the Super Bowl? I don't follow the logic. It may
cloud his past transgressions, or distract fans and the media from
them, but it does little to vindicate him. Even if he volunteers for
RAINN, God knows if it's a PR stunt or a true change of heart on his
part; I'd assume the former.

Buzz Bissinger writes of Roethlisberger, "May the Packers break your legs on the first series of downs. Which will prove there is indeed a God who cares about football."

The sad truth is, Bissinger helped to create monsters like Big Ben.

We all did. We are all enablers, we are all guilty. We are all
cogs in a great machine of idolatry and absolution, power and abuse.

Bissinger, after all, who  wrote a book
about Tony La Russa, further elevating the manager's fame after having
already won multiple World Series titles. And it was you and I who
bought it, read it, and revered the guy. Is it any surprise, then, that
when La Russa was arrested for a DUI, he asked the police, "Do you know who I am?"

The Onion Sports Dome takes a decidedly different and more humorous approach, watch the video below

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