Joakim Noah Discusses his New Foundation


Averaging 14 points and 11.7 rebounds, Chicago Bulls
Center Joakim Noah will add hustle, speed, defense and versatility to a
Bulls team that is already looking really good right now. At 38-16,
they're #3 in the Eastern Conference but just two games behind
co-leaders Miami and Boston. One of the best rebounding and defensive
teams in the NBA, they'll get even stronger when Noah returns to the lineup Wednesday night versus Toronto.

Noah recently underwent thumb surgery and hasn't played since Dec. 15. But he's been very busy lately, especially in the non-profit sector.

"I just started a foundation with my mom called Noah's Arc
Foundation, it's something I'm very excited about. I think being a
basketball player, we're in a position where a lot is given to us and
it's important to give back," Joakim said.

The foundation's mission statement reads:

Noah's Arc Foundation helps children develop confidence and a
stronger sense of self through a powerful combination of the
physicality and discipline of sports and the emotional open mindedness
of art. Brought together, these two life skills encourage kids to grow
into well-balanced, more confident adults who can express the purity of
their true thoughts and feelings.

"My mom was an artist, and obviously I'm a basketball player and my
foundation is about giving the youth an outlet to express themselves,
whether it's through sports or art. It's pretty interesting, I have a
site that just came out. Noah's Arc, check it out. It's something I've wanted to do for awhile," Noah said.

"We do a lot of different things, and I think they appreciate that.
As a basketball player, we're in a position where kids listen more than
maybe a teacher and it's important to give them the right message," he

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