Video of Stumbling, Bumbling Green Bay Packers Fan


Big ups to my Chicago Now blog brother over at Chicago Sports Mob. (Again, I'm very proud to be a "made man" within the tight knit family of the Chicago Sports Mob...cue the "Layla" piano exit from "Goodfellas" in your head) for bringing this video of a Packer fan to my attention.

It has thousands of views on YouTube already and we're still a couple days from Bears-Pack for
the NFC version of "all the Tostitos" (yeah, wasn't that the crappiest
announcer line ever, during the college football title game). If you've
ever wondered who the bizarro world version of me is, someone the
complete anti-thesis of myself, it may be the guy in the video.

The fact that he's still rocking the outdated Favre jersey outside Lambeau Field and can't handle the simple tasks of walking and texting at the same time is priceless. He may just become this year's "Boom goes the Dynamite" kid.

On a side note, this is also pretty funny, the Green Bay Gazette misspelled Chicago in their headline. And Sportress of Blogitude picked it up, making the extremely abrasive Wisconsin stereotype insult in the process:

To be fair, the "g" and "c" keys are pretty close together on the keyboard, especially when the fat-fingered person doing the typing has a steady diet consisting primarily of beer cheese
 soup and Old Milwaukee.


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