See Jay Cutler Walking Around Fine in LA (TMZ Breaking Video)

jay cutler injury

I don't mean to bring up the whole Jay Cutler tough/not tough
"argument" because that's been beaten to death a million times over, but
TMZ did surface this video of the Chicago Bears QB, just a couple days from his torn MCL diagnosis seen walking around Los Angeles with his girlfriend Kristin Cavallari.

He seems to be pretty mobile! Or as TMZ put it:

Even with his busted knee -- Cutler managed to keep up with Kristin for the entire duration of the shopping trip ... TOUGH!!!!!

Of course, our guy didn't ask Jay about his injury ... or the
rampant criticism of his dedication to the Bears ... or anything

But we did ask Kristin about her quick jaunt to Crate and Barrel -- TOUGH!!

Kudos to them for satirizing the whole meatball obsession with Cutler's toughness. Just because you can walk doesn't mean you should be playing QB in the NFL. However, notice how he has very little limp at all.

You can go to that link and vote for whether you think Cutler is showing a limp or not. Over 2/3 say no so far.


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