Northwestern, DePaul Make Dubious College Basketball Program Ranking List

When it comes to the worst head coaching gigs in all of college basketball, or at least the teams in the big six power conferences, Lost
thinks they've figured out the ten worst. Obviously, this is a highly
subjective survey, but the list is bookended by a pair of local Chicago
teams. And the list includes two more Big Ten programs in Penn State #7 and Nebraska #5. "Legends and Leaders" they are certainly not in college hoops.

LL is a great site for learning the whereabouts of your favorite
former collegiate stars, and it's tagline is "The College Sports Online
Magazine and Former Player Database"

Here are a couple snippets from what they had to say about the #10 DePaul Blue Demons and #1 Northwestern
Wildcats. And Chi-City people, don't shoot the messenger here. Not
saying I agree or disagree with them, just relaying the message.

bill carmody

LL on DePaul

Chicago has a rich tradition of college basketball
and is always a hotbed for talent. The only problem? Most of that
talent either goes to Illinois or other programs that poach Chi-Town's
talent like Kansas, Marquette and Wisconsin.
It's safe to say that DePaul is the worst team in the Big East after
going a combined 1-35 in the last two years of conference play. And
after an 0-6 conference start this year, the Blue Demons have a chance
of running the table again this season.

LL on NU

Bill Carmody's in his 11th year at the helm, and seems in no
danger of losing his job despite never making the tournament. In fact,
he just got a two-year extension! But if you actually want to win?
Don't touch this gig with a 10-foot pole. That's because there's
absolutely no precedent for success here: they've never qualified for
the tournament - the only BCS school never to do so. Thanks to Michael
Wilbon's plugs for his alma mater on PTI, we're all well aware of the
program's inability to get over that hump.

To add insult to insult, LL also named NU #10 in its ten worst major college football
head coaching gigs. (Although I'm sure Pat Fitzgerald would have a lot
to say disagreeing with that) NU was the only school to make both lists.

Now I know us Chicagoans have a lot to say about these rankings, so have at it in the comment threads below

Go here to see the full basketball list

Go here to see the full football list


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  • A disgrace to the legacy of Ray Meyer. A shame; Ray, bless his soul, must be turning over in his grave....

  • agreed. DePaul being #10 is much bigger news than NW being #1, cuz in Evanston there have never been expectations, and there was never a "prime" in the programs. In Lincoln Park, (or very sadly I have to say) in "Rosemont" there's NO EXCUSE. that program has not only been to the tourney but to Final 4s...and to end up like this

  • Not surprised by the hoops rankings. NU fans can't really complain, since the Cats have no history. Surprised by the football ranking at #10 worst, but not really worried about the rantings of some blogger living in his parents' basement. Will simply go by what some of the pundits say, namely Bob Griese, who taking note of Fitz' extension, and spurning the Michigan job, noted that the NU job is actually one of the most desirable positions to be in: great living situation (North shore Chicago), coaching alma mater, living near home town, 100% graduation rate at a school that does things the right way, reasonable expectations of alumni who are happy with a bowl appearance, year/year out opportunity to be in the first division with a chance to win the title once every six or seven years. What's not to like??? Much preferable to the high pressure crucible of a ND job, with their holy roller alums (another school Fitz has turned down)!

  • In reply to peterkat:

    I have to agree with you that the inclusion of NU at #10 in football by LL is ludicrously bad and horribly inaccurate. The only true knock on the program is the poor attendance and the stadium location which can cause nightmarish traffic on game day.

    But the attendance is increasing and the promotional campaign is working. And yes, Fitz's spurning of UM and ND speaks to why it's a solid gig.

  • In reply to peterkat:

    However, I must call you out for using the "mom's basement" cliche. That joke is so 2007, and HORRIBLY inaccurate today. The dreadful state of the media in every sector but the internet has forced journalists of all stripes to become "bloggers"

    And Lost Lettermen is a great site with a lot of access, sources and connections. They have a huge following and have been promoted incessantly in "mainstream media." And their leader was educated at the University of Michigan and is a successful businessman in NYC

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