Former Bear, Illini Brandon Lloyd Drops F-Bomb to ex-teams


The AFC Pro Bowl roster broke in a new member this season. It's the Brandon Lloyd, the NFL leader in receiving yards this past season.

You're joking right? The same Brandon Lloyd who used to say what's up to me when we'd pass each other on the quad walking to class at the University of Illinois. The same guy who was the subject of one of my first ever newspaper assignments at the Daily Illini. That Brandon Lloyd??

The same guy who had a good quarter of a season with the Chicago Bears
in 2008, before getting injured/falling out of favor with the
coaches/focusing less on football and more on his R&B career and
then being let out of Chicago?

That Brandon Lloyd? Yes.

According to Shutdown Corner

Speaking to the media
on a conference call, Lloyd was asked if he'd like to say "I told you
so" to the 49ers, Redskins, and Bears, his three former teams.

"No, I want to say, '[expletive] you.' And I mean that in the most professional way."


Here's more from Mike Klis of the Denver Post.

After about 3 seconds of stunned silence, Broncos media
relations director Patrick Smyth jumped into the call: "Anything else
for Brandon, guys? I have receivers coach Adam Gase here ... "

You stay classy B Lloyd; who was allegedly more interested in his burgeioning R&B singing career than excelling as a Bear.

When Lloyd left UI a year early in 2002 I knew he'd amount to something in the NFL,
but my mind soon changed after his best year in the league, 2005 
produced 733 yards receiving. A solid number yes, but not stellar.
Injuries and work habits that found him in spats with coaches eventually
led to his "not living up to anything close to his potential."

Like so many other free agents, he took the money of Washington
Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, and gave little in return. I really
thought that when he signed with the Bears, it was his last shot in the
NFL. And I really thought he got the gig just because of "it's all about
who ya know" with Ron Turner, his former college coach being the Bears
offensive coordinator at the time.

Yet here he is, the envy of fantasy owners everywhere who thought they had found the next sleeper signee at receiver.

Maybe Lloyd is right and the Bears shouldn't have given up on him?
And as you might have guessed, the leading passer in the league is his
teammate, and former Bears QB Kyle Orton.

However, in Chicago, D.C. and S.F.'s defense, Lloyd' production (at
least partially) derives from the fact that Denver has a terrible
running game

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