2011 Chicago Bears: New Super Bowl Shuffle Verses


Now that the Chicago Bears
are just two victories away from reaching the NFL mountain top, it's
time to recycle the classics. Yes, in advance of the NFC Championship
game versus the Green Bay Packers, it's the Super Bowl Shuffle: 2011 Remix!

Except this time, we have somebody who already has collaborative
rapping experience. That's tight end Greg Olsen or "G. REG" from the
University of Miami's "7th Floor Crew." You can hear his not safe for
work lyrics and listen to his x-rated song here.

By The Sports Bank.net Staff

Since we didn't have the time (or connections) to gather all the
Bears and coaches together to produce this song, I included an embed
here so you have the music to accompany the tight verses. And where
highlighted in bold, you'll find links to some of our best Bears
features this season- so you can have more water cooler talking points
as Super Bowl mania grips the city.

Chorus Refrain

This is the Bears Shufflin' Remix
Chicago is back doing old tricks.
Disrespected all year, but you know we're good.
Offense scores points, defense laying wood.
All aboard, we're headed to Dallas.
To win the Super Bowl at Jerry's palace.
Go against us, your's team in trouble.
Cuz we brought back the Super Bowl Shuffle.

Julius Peppers
Julius here, your free agent prize
A pro bowl player, with strength and size
defensive end, Midway's monster is worth the price
With the fire of the Peppers, I add some spice
My critics like to say that I run out of gas
Ask opposing QBs, I knock them on their a--(whistle blow)
Not brought here to let offenses hustle
Snap the damn ball, hit with my Super Bowl shuffle

Matt Forte
I'm the Wildcat, Mister Matt Forte
Wriggle through holes and shock like Morays
Touchdown on my mind, six points I'm a get
Rumbling down the field like a jumbo jet
Chester and I running, game's just so easy
We're the best duo since Jay and Yeezy
My past fumbles sure caused a kerfuffle
But I use both hands when doing the Super Bowl Shuffle

Lovie Smith
I'm the most boring soundbite in the world
my southern drawled platitudes thrill you girl
y'all wanted me canned and start of season
now coach of the year for many reasons
We beat Minnesota, New York, Green Bay too
stopped 'em all with my Tampa 2
making in-game adjustments are no trouble
cuz it gives us a chance to do the Super Bowl Shuffle

jay cutler

Jay Cutler
I got better passing stats than any Bear
don't like my persona? see if I CARE!
arrogant, aloof, dull- it's all me
Moody emo quarterback I got to be
Kristin Cavallari my potential soul mate?
equally vapid and boring- that's all great
With Denver and Vandy never really had a chance
But here in Chi, my Super Bowl shuffle's a sexy dance

Repeat Refrain 2x


Brian Urlacher
Some say linebackers defense's core
You want a tackling machine, call #54
My jersey's top seller, but I don't buy the hype,
Without a championship ring, won't tweet or Skype
On Sundays, my game's got a lot of nerve
My Super bowl shuffle puts offenses on injured reserve


Robbie Gould
It's Robbie's turn, with some "rah rah" chants
Putting the ball in the air, a kick in the pants
Coach calls me, when we can't find the end zone
I'm a field goal kicker, so throw me a bone
Some think I'm a softie, incapable of being mean?
They say I look like that guy from Mad Magazine!
From 50 yards or less, points are a guarantee
My Super Bowl shuffle will kick the three!

Greg Olsen
I'm the tight end known as G-Reg
In the red zone, I make defenses beg
Since my Miami days, I could rhyme and catch a pass...
throw a wicked block, knocking defenses on their a--(whistle blow)
Doing what it takes, to help the Bears win
Leaving opponents seeing double...like the OLSEN TWINS!
It's no Full House when I come to tussle
Goldie locks doing the Bears Super Bowl Shuffle

Overzealous Bears Fan
We love the Bears, we're super fans
Tailgate in the cold with our Old Style cans
Sausage on the grill means we'll never starve
Hate the Packers and still despise Favre
Suffered through Burris, Moreno, and Quinn
Now cheering as Cutler leads us a win
We come from the city, the burbs, and SICA
The only God we believe in: Mike Ditka

Repeat Refrain 2x

cedric benson

Corey Wootton
Go U! NU! purple pride ain't fake
more practice reps I really need to take
upon graduation, moved slightly down the lake
underachieved my mock draft projection
but sacking Favre makes me a trivia question
one-upped pain killer addictions and Jenn Sterger
cuz I'm the one who ended the ole' gunslinger


Devin Hester
It's Devin here, the return game's best
Just kick me the ball and I'll do the rest
Punting teams shiver when they see me
Coaches game plan? Kick away from #23!
End zone's my plan, when I hear "hike"
Breaking scoring records, I can be like Mike
Know that we're in a title hunt
My super bowl shuffle scores on a punt

Lance Briggs
If you break our line, you've got no chance,
Knocked off your horse, that's right it's Lance.
Brian's other side, is one of my gigs,
Locking up the D, sending runners to the Briggs.
In the tradition of the samurai, we stop em dead.
Monsters of the Midway, opposing O's see red.
You'll be on your back, if you try to scuffle,
While I sack the QB, doing the super bowl shuffle.

Charles Tillman
It's Charles here and I'm living large,
With 22 picks, you could say I'm in charge.
Like Gary Fencik, I make offenses yell
I'm no hitman, but I can ring a bell
They call me "peanut" what can I say?
Your nickname's Planters, if you throw it my way
Hawking QB passes since 2003
This super bowl shuffle was intercepted by me!

Repeat Refrain 2x


Todd Collins
They say Jay is our guy,
If he needs a breather, I'll say "hi.'
This is Todd, my play has quite a stench,
The smell of victory waiting on the bench.
So bring on the Steelers, the Jets and Packers
I'll spread their defense like cheese on crackers,
Like a fine wine, I'm aged to go.
My Super Bowl shuffle is a perfect Merlot.

Olin Kreutz
It's Olin Kreutz, body as big as my mind.
I snap the ball and put fear up your spine.
All the blitz pickups, I make the call.
Step up to me and I'll break your jaw.
In the trenches- tough. Between tackles, mean.
Our O-Line stacks flapjacks like Paula Deen.
Rest of the league we're here to ruffle.
Take home the trophy via Super Bowl Shuffle!

Johnny Knox
The name's Johnny Knox, and I'm no Jackass.
I just blew past you for a touchdown pass.
Pretty unknown not long ago.
Now, no one can stop my slants or go.
My game's pure speed, I'm faster than lightning.
Ball in my hands, end zone looks inviting.
Loud roars you hear, no need to muffle.
It's just the Chi all doing the Super Bowl Shuffle.

Repeat Refrain 4x

There will not likely be any proceeds derived from this song. But
if any arise they will go to a very worthy cause...the cause of
augmenting The Sports Bank's financial bottom line. TSB writers Paul M. Banks, Soxman, Bryan Vickroy and David Kay contributed to this composition


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