1985 Bears Holding Super Silver Celebration

85 super bowl silver celebration

Chicago may currently be caught up in the grip of NFC Title Game mania, as their match-up with the Green Bay Packers determines a chance to reach the NFL title game. But the 1985 Bears, originators of the Super Bowl Shuffle will always come first in this city.

That said, get ready for the Super Silver Celebration, the weekend-long celebration honors the 25th anniversary of the '85 Bears Super Bowl win and takes place the weekend of January 28-30.

The Super Bowl XX Bears team fielded the most dynamic, colorful and
respected players that professional football has ever seen. The 1985
Bears will continue to be remembered as one of the most dominating
football teams ever assembled in NFL history.

bear roast

In true Bear's tradition the "Super Silver Celebration" is focused on
raising money for charity. Specifically, the Walter Payton Liver
Center read more and the Athlete's for Life Foundation read more .

This player and fan-based event honoring the 25th anniversary of the
1985 Chicago Bears Super Bowl championship team will be held the last
weekend in January (28th - 30th) in various venues throughout the
Chicagoland area. The two main events, BEAR ROAST hosted by Cedric "The
Entertainer" and Anthony Anderson, and CELEBRITY FLAG FOOTBALL GAME
will be the highlights of the weekend. The massive '85 Bears fan base
crosses multiple demographics and generations, ensuring a well-attended
and successful weekend.

The "Super Silver Celebration"
has corporate sponsorships are currently available for every aspect of
the weekend's events. Packages range from VIP access, to signage, to
playing time in Sunday's flag football game. call (312.969.0001) or
email Stan Wozniak.


with Anthony Anderson, Joe Torry, Michael Collier, Tommy Davidson and MORE (Line-up subject to change)

Confirmed Players: Willie Gault, Kurt Becker,Maury Buford, Jim
Covert, Richard Dent, Dave Duerson, Steve Fuller, Shaun Gayle, Dennis
Gentry, Dan Hampton, Jay Hilgenberg, Dennis McKinnon, Steve McMichael,
Emery Moorehead, Reggie Phillips, Mike Richardson, Thomas Sanders,
Calvin Thomas, Keith Van Horne, Otis Wilson, William Perry, Tom Thayer
& Matt Suhey. (Line-up subject to change)

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