Most Logical Place to Play Bears-Vikings Game: Lambeau Field

I don't necessarily like it, but much of the sports world is operated
within the realm of "ifs" and for the most part, I deal with it. Today,
I'm swimming in the deep end of that realm. The biggest "if" in the
sports arena today actually revolves around a stadium.  TCF Bank Stadium
to be exact.

It was announced earlier this week that the University of Minnesota's on campus football stadium would fill in for the Metrodome for the upcoming Monday Night game between the Chicago Bears
and Minnesota Vikings and it seemed like a reasonable solution. That is
until reports about the frozen turf and lack of underground heat coils
came about and the complaints from the Chicago Bears that followed.

And Vikings fans called out the Bears players for making those complaints.

By Peter Christian

While the Golden Gopher's home stadium is still being prepped as if the game will be played there on Monday night, there are other options that must be considered if the NFL does decide that TCF Bank Stadium is unfit to host.

The options that are allegedly in play are the Georgia Dome, the
Superdome and Lucas Oil Field. However, the best option and most logical
option is hardly being whispered about (save for my cousin
and a Minnesota sports radio host, to be fair, my cousin Andy had the
idea first).  If the game can't be played in Minnesota, it should be
played at Lambeau Field.

That's right, Lambeau Field. The home of the Green Bay Packers. The home of both the Bears and Vikings
biggest rival. That is the location that would be best suited for both
teams while also leaving the slightest bit of home field advantage in
place for the Vikings.

While the thought of the Vikings parading around in the Packers
locker room might cause some die hard Green and Gold fans' hearts to
jump, it makes sense. It's the closest NFL stadium in proximity to both
cities, so it would be a guaranteed sell out as fans from both cities
would be enticed to make the trek to Green Bay (including current ticket

Additionally, it would be the best bet for the Vikings to keep
whatever home field advantage they would have at TCF Bank Stadium.
Assuming that the majority of seats that aren't filled by current ticket
holders will be occupied by Green Bay residents taking the opportunity
to watch a free (or nearly free) NFL game, it's very likely that the
crowd would be very anti-Chicago Bears.

Then there is the angle of ticket sales and refunds. By having the
game in Green Bay it will at least be enticing for current ticket
holders to attend, which means less refunds. Also, at Lambeau Field the
capacity is actually about 8,000 seats which means that there will be
seats available regardless of how many ticket holders show up. Assuming
those extra fans come from the Green Bay area to watch the game, it's
possible that there would be at least 8,000 Packers fans (or more)
showing up to watch the game to cheer against the Bears so as to help
the Packers chances at winning the NFC North Division.

Personally, I would relish the opportunity to see the Vikings play at
Lambeau Field and get cheered rather than jeered, by Packers fans to
boot. For one night all of Minnesota and Wisconsin
would be united at Lambeau Field in hating the Chicago Bears. Of course
this would be a classic, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" scenario
but it would be enjoyable nonetheless.

Just imagining the possibilities brings a smile to my face. Imagine if Adrian Peterson
ripped off a long TD run (very possible against the Bears) and the
Vikings and Packers fans in united glee invite AP to do a Lambeau Leap?

Imagine if the Vikings sound guy brought the Metrodome sound effects
to Green Bay and the Viking Horn, that usually makes most Wisconsin
resident's ears bleed, was sounded after every Vikings first down (Bah-roo! Bah-roo!)?
Or if just the opposite and the typical "Go Pack, Go!" song was played
and instead the crowd chanted "Go Vikes, Go!"? Ok, maybe that last one
is a little too far, but you get my point.

All I'm saying is that the NFL might need to think outside the box
for a second and come up with a solution that at first seems a little
bit off the wall but fits perfectly once scrutinized more closely.

Although, there is a possibility that the world would end if a
Packers fan openly cheered for the Vikings at Lambeau Field, but if TCF
is a no go, that's a risk I'm willing to take.

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