College Football Bowl Attendance Up 4% So far This Season

texas bowl

Despite an economic climate that's a bears a haunting and striking
resemblance to the 1930s, people are opening their wallets to travel to
the bowl bliss of college football.

Yes, it seems like there are way too many bowl games, yes many of
them have ridiculous sounding and horribly corporate names, but people
are still coming. And after all, who really wants less football? Who
would want less football to choose from?

Entering Thursday, the Texas Bowl, won 38-14 by the Illinois Fighting Illini had the highest attendance of the season at 68,112.

Attendance at completed bowl games is up over four percent this year
compared to the same games last year, the Football Bowl Association
announced today. With fourteen bowl games completed and twenty-one to
go, attendance is up 4.1 percent.

Of course, this doesn't mean we need more bowl games in cold
climates. Although Syracuse and Kansas State put on a good show in
Yankee Stadium yesterday, it's ridiculous to play a bowl game next to a
gigantic pile of snow. Didn't that look ridiculous?

You can't have a bowl game in a place that incapacitated by snow just
a couple days ago. Bowl games need to exclusively held in a land where
palm trees sway; the Big Ten endures the road game situations in order
for snowbirds like myself to escape the weather for a few days.

And tv ratings must be doing well, because they keep selling ad space
for these games. They wouldn't be adding more bowl games unless they
made money, and they wouldn't be making money unless they sold the ad
space, so it shows people are watching; despite the presence of 6-6 and
7-5 teams in bowl games.

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