Brett Favre Fined $50K for Jenn Sterger Investigation


So it looks like the media sensations of media sensations is finally over. That whole little thinggee that flared up in October between alleged journalist Jenn Sterger and senior citizen QB Brett Favre of the Minnesota Vikings.

The NFL handed out its ruling today.

According to the AP, he's now $50,000 lighter because of a

"failure to cooperate" with the league's investigation into
allegations that he sent inappropriate text messages and lewd
photographs to Jenn Sterger, a New York Jets' game-day employee, in
2008. The NFL said Mr. Favre was "not candid" with officials during the investigation, though the
league added that commissioner Roger Goodell could not confirm, based
on forensic evidence, that Mr. Favre had sent the messages to Ms. Sterger.

And since we're on the topic, I recommend you read this fun little post by Deadspin:

Those lovable scamps at the Bleacher Report have written the most Fake Bleacher Report-style story on this whole ordeal. The third item, published this afternoon, titled "Jenn Sterger: Sterger Releases Brett Favre Photos to Deadspin."

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