Breaking Big Ten Bowl Games News, Notes and Quotes


Michigan State
offensive coordinator Don Treadwell has been named the head football
coach at Miami, the RedHawk Athletic Department announced Friday.
Treadwell will be re-introduced to Miami fans and media at Miami University's Voice of America Learning Center in West Chester on Jan. 10 at 5:45 p.m.

"It's a dream come true to return to my alma mater Miami as head
football coach," said Treadwell, who has spent the past four seasons at
Michigan State's offensive coordinator. "Miami has always held a
special place in my heart, and the opportunity to be a part of the
'Cradle of Coaches' is a privilege as well as a responsibility.

"I have a blueprint for success for our student-athletes: in the
classroom, on the playing field and in the community. Everyone in the
program plays an important role, and with all of us heading in the same
direction, we can add a new chapter to the rich tradition of Miami
football. I can't wait to roll up my sleeves and get started."

-The University of Michigan football program announced today (Dec.
30) that reserve sophomore quarterback Tate Forcier did not meet
University standards and is ineligible to participate in the Gator Bowl.

Ohio State
Buckeyes Head Coach Jim Tressel spent about 25 minutes with the press, a
vast majority of them local writers and followers of Ohio State
football. Tressel opened with a timeline of the activities that took
place regarding the NCAA issue in the week or so before Christmas. He
then said, prior to making the trip to the Sugar Bowl, the coaches asked
the five players - Mike Adams, Dan Herron, DeVier Posey, Terrelle Pryor
and Solomon Thomas - to "make any decisions regarding their future on
the NFL prior to our leaving for the bowl game."

Tressel said those decisions were made, and when asked for
clarification, he said "they wouldn't be here if they weren't coming
back next year."

And he added: "The players are in the family. They are on the trip.
They want to be Buckeyes in 2011. They are remorseful for judgements
they have made and they are anxious to have a great experience at the
Sugar Bowl."

Also coming out of the Tressel press conference...

No more comments The coach said that, because of
the appeals process with the NCAA sanctions, it is "not in bounds at
all for them [any player on the team] to talk about the situation."

Playing time The five individuals will play "as to what they deserve to play from a football standpoint."

-Interesting quote from Northwestern Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald about type of player QB Dan Persa is, his health and how he's helped QB Evan Watkins prepare:

"He is way ahead of schedule. Our medical staff is telling me that he
is three or four weeks ahead of schedule already. He has been cleared
already for spring practice, which is looking certain but I will know
more as we get closer. Dan is a Heisman Trophy candidate.

That's the way I look at him. He's a difference maker, he's a winner
and he's a great leader. When you're hardest worker is a guy who shows
up first and goes home last and a guy who brings everyone along with
them, is also one of your best players, you've got a chance to have a
very special young man and a very special team. I said it after the Penn
State game, if you give me 22 Dan Persa's, and this is no disrespect to
any other players, but if you give me 22 of him, we'll take on anybody.
He's got that kind of attitude and that kind of work ethic. I'm excited
to have him back.


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