Notre Dame Likely Going to Champs Sports Bowl after USC Win

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Pretty much all of the bowl projections all across the internet are saying the same thing about Notre Dame's bowl destination: the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando Florida on December 28th. Their opponent will be the ACC's 3rd choice, which will likely be NC State or Maryland.

So how did what seemed like a lost season a couple weeks ago end up with a pleasant regular season ending, and a serviceable destination.

The big win over USC helped 

I'll let ND blogger Brian McCabe take it from here

He came to Notre Dame
four years ago to win and make a difference on the field. Many would
argue that he never came close to his goal ... until Saturday

Robert Hughes' heart, soul and determination led the Irish to their first victory over Southern Cal
in the past nine years.He was benched more than once during his career.
He was in South Bend when his brother was murdered. He watched his team
fall apart...year after year

But he never gave up.

And then, when it mattered the most, he stepped up and led his beloved Irish to victory.

Notre Dame Stadium

It has been nine long years
since Notre Dame was triumphant in a game against the University of
Southern California. Blowouts, routs, lopsided squads and cheating have
led to the last eight wins for the Trojans.

This all changed Saturday night.

Pete Carroll is gone. Bob Davie is gone. Tyrone Willingham is gone. Charlie Weis is gone.

Saturday night, Lane Kiffin and Brian Kelly took the reigns and led
their respective teams into the next game and, more importantly, the
next decade of this great rivalry.

Two first-year head coaches had to keep their calm while battling the elements, while Notre Dame
also battled multiple turnovers. Near the end of the first half, it
appeared that the game-clock was being operated by the head of USC's
student union. Thanks to the unbiased rules crew, these egregious
mistakes were rectified.

Even with all of that to overcome, the Irish were able to score a
late first-half TD thanks to Duval Kamara's athletic reach. As the rain
poured down to start the second half, most Irish fans thought they knew
what would happen.

They thought USC would somehow capitalize and never look back.

They thought they knew how this would end.

They had been here before.

Thankfully, for Irish fans, this did not happen.

With a slim lead, and little time left, the pass was dropped, the
rain kept pouring down, and the oft-criticized Harrison Smith came up
with the biggest play of his career.

Tons of rain and three plays later, Tommy Rees put his knee on the ground, and the game was over.

Notre Dame was victorious. USC lost.

The Irish overcame four turnovers, and turned in a defensive effort that will not soon be forgotten.

While it may be hard for many Irish fans to comprehend, the Irish beat USC in Los Angeles.

And, as many think and some predict...

This is just a sign of things to come for the Irish.

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