Erin Andrews Discusses Awesomeness of Chicago (Video Interview)


By now you've heard all about the whole end zone problem and decision to have both teams use the same end zone. The college football game being played between the Northwestern Wildcats and the Illinois Fighting Illini will now be unique, one for the history books even.

The Gameday personalities, including Erin Andrews, were nice enough to greet the media on the eve of the big game and discuss "Wall Gate," and much more.

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Ok, so my little Flipshare camera ran out of battery there when I
asked about what makes my hometown so great. And I'm not going to miss a
chance to have EA enthusiastically plug Chicago, so it's a good thing I
had my voice recorder going as back up.

Here's what EA said:

"I'm spoiled when I come out here, like I said I have great tour guides with Rick Sutcliffe, one of our ESPN analysts and former Cubs.
We always have great meals, and great times, great after-dinner times
(laughs). And it's such a fun vibe, it's such a great sports town to be a
part of. And the fans have always been wonderful to me."

So will the snug spots in the outfield/end zone walls prohibit Andrews from doing her sideline reporting job?

"No, I'm actually going to try and catch a ball in that end zone, I
don't care what anyone says. (media contingent laughs) There won't be
any limitations for me at all. Especially with the Zooker coaching the
game, he better let me have my way on that field.


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  • Erin Andrews has my dream job. Unfortunately for me, she's outstanding at it and looks amazing. Sigh.

  • It is a pretty easy job, and yeah it's a lot of people's dream jobs

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