Bruce Pearl's Crazy Hot Wife makes Crazy Public Jesus Analogy


To my Illini people,

We obviously don't need to re-hash the whole Deon Thomas recruiting
incident do we? When current Tennessee Volunteers Head Coach Bruce Pearl was an assistant with the Iowa  Hawkeyes and broke the code of college basketball coaches to screw over the Illini hoops program. Yes, let's not go there again.

Since then Pearl has grown into a national figure, and it's not just
Illination that hates him. He's a polarizing figure on both coasts and
everything in between these days. And he's finally been caught for his
malfeasance, tomfoolery and chicanery.

Last Friday, the SEC announced the suspension of the Vols coach for the first eight conference games due to NCAA violations. And Brandy Pearl, his wife had plenty to say about it

Here's what Pearl's way-out-of-his-league (at least physically) wife posted on her Facebook page about the suspension:

"Now I know of two Jewish men that have been crucified. Lord be with my hubby's spirit, we will get through this."

Seriously, why are the hot ones always so CRAZY?

This is an instance of "Drama Queen" that would make Brett Favre blush.

Getting caught cheating in college basketball is not in the same
ballpark (or the same league, the same sport, or the same planet or the
same universe) as having nails hammered into your extremities, and being
tied up and left outside to die a slow, painful death.

This statement is almost "Palinesque"- my word for "just too stupid
to even bother making fun of." But today we live in The Matrix where
everything we say and do is recorded, regurgitated and publicly
scrutinized, so if you make dumb-ass statements like these, you must be
called out for it.

Yes, I know you're going through a tough time right now, so you'll
just have to draw strength from the Lord....and all your fame, power,
money and connections. But again life's just so hard for you right now,
isn't it? So I give you an inspirational song to help get through this
trying period. It's the most uplifting song about crucifixion ever
written. And comes from a classic Holiday movie. This is the holiday
season after all.

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