SES Sports: Can't live SEM alone the Game Needs Me!


In online media,
sports is seemingly separating itself as a standalone category of news.
It's no longer a category or subcategory. It's unique appeal makes it
immune to the forces shaping other news topics, and that quality is
compels people to it. Maybe this fundamental shift in coverage
technology towards sports is the reason the SES' sports seminar was in the final session slot on the conference's final day.

"Digital Marketing & Sports" featuring Simon Heseltine, Senior Manager for AOL (Fanhouse, MMA Fighting, Fleaflicker) Jonathan Blum, co-host of The Sports Circuit and Casey Rovinelli, Director of Digital Marketing for saved the proverbial best for last.

By the way, you may wonder why pictures of Jenn Sterger and Jenn Brown
are up here. What do they have to do with this topic? They've been my
#1 and #2 most successful referral search queries, and since this is all
about search engine marketing- I must pay homage.

jenn brown

After a week of SEO, SMO and SEM, my world was more filled with
acronyms than the artist listing on a 1970s rock compilation album.

("It's BTO, Canada's answer to CCR, their greatest hit was TCB.
That's how we talked in the '70s, we didn't have a minute to spare"
--Homer Simpson)

So it feels great to be focusing on sports, the 9th most searched
topic, accounting for 2.21% of all search again. It outranks
automotive, travel, and health and fitness. Last month, Yahoo was the
#1 driver to sports traffic (mostly because of all the fantasy leagues
they have), but Google is the #1 almost all the time.

Users will go out of their way to acquire as much information about
their teams and players as possible. Knowledge of critical events and
phenomena that shape social and political policy is often ignored by the
majority of the population for the purpose of obtaining further details
about the athletes and teams playing the games we love.

That's why sports information and opinion is the most unique and
startling area of the digital space. The associations with players and
teams, the team and the community- as site owners we must tap into these
greatly under-served niches.There are ways to keep traffic up through
the summer lull. We have forward-thinking ideas that go beyond just
creating mock drafts months and months ahead of time.

Most of them will come from progressive reinvention.

According to Blum,"the Brett Favre thing
will never happen again. Ever" because the league will be more guarded,
more secure, and investing more money than ever in securing and
protecting information. They have do because there is so much at risk.

Golf may never recover from the Tiger Woods fallout.

There were plenty of other insights and search engine marketing KSA
intuition passed along at this session, but I'm going to be about as
transparent on those pointers and tips as New England Patriots Coach
Bill Belichick is with his injury report.

Unless you're a Sports Bank
writer, in that case you'll be getting a few top secret internal memos
from me soon regarding some slight changes in editorial policy.

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Paul M. Banks is CEO of The Sports , a Midwest webzine. He is also a regular contributor to the Tribune's Chicago Now network, Walter, the Washington Times Communities, Yardbarker Network, and Fox

You can follow him on Twitter @thesportsbank


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