SES Chicago Day 2: Mo Page Views, Mo Problems


For much of 2009, TSB Milwaukee Bucks beat writer Jake McCormick was running the site's (i.e. my own personal) Twitter account. Although McCormick is one fine Tweeter, this was a failed social media optimization strategy on my part.

Having a personal driver, live-in chef, housekeeper is one thing.
Having someone tweet for you is a completely different animal. P. Diddy
rapped on his first album: "Got a Benz that I ain't even drove yet," and
that's a lot cooler than telling my friends: "I got Tweets that I ain't
even blogged yet."

But with both Search Engine Strategies and Blogs with Balls 3 (not to mention TSB Summit 2) 2010 has been a great year for Media conventions in Chicago. And the Hilton Towers on South Michigan Avenue may be the best convention venue of them all.

I'm very fortunate to have a press pass to SES today in the same place where I covered the 2006 Cubs Convention, the 2009 Chicago Blackhawks Fan Convention, and the Chicago Bulls tip-off luncheon, and event I covered here last year is going on upstairs.

Indeed this grand hotel is the place to be.

I learned a lot today, and I'm very fortunate to be meeting/listening to all the top search talent here. Lots of companies pay good amounts of money to send their employees here.

Brent Payne, the Chicago Tribune's SEO guy was my favorite speaker of the conference so far. His lecture was on News Search Optimization was extremely beneficial.

It sounds like he's accomplished many things including a retweet from Alyssa Milano, who has 1.8 million followers, and only follows a select small number of people.

This got him 512 new inbound links to one of his personal blogs.

I also learned that Japanese Twitter sounds completely awesome, and what the secret weapon of global internet marketing is. I can't tell you, because then it wouldn't be a secret. I will say this: it's a good thing I joined up with Chicago Now.

Lisa Buyer gave a fantastic presentation entitled "SEO, PR and the Social Butterfly." It articulated that seo, pr and social media need to be bffs.

And it wouldn't be a tech convention without an over-sized pot of alphabet soup that is protocol and discipline acronyms. However, SES is as much, if not more, a business convention than it is a tech convention.

And the most jam-packed seminars were the two focusing on Facebook and Twitter exclusively. Each seminar is another post entirely.

But I will pass along this basic truth: Facebook IS a search engine these days, and with the Bing-Yahoo merger, both of those SEs will have a strong Facebooklike social media component as well.

You may wonder how/why I titled this entry. It's an obvious reference to the Notorious B.I.G. song espousing a message that the more money one acquires, the more problems they encounter.

Like Biggie said:

"I ain't exaggerating the more money you make the more problems you get. And jealousy and envy is something that comes with the territory."

And it's true for page views. But these problems are GOOD PROBLEMS, even GREAT PROBLEMS to have! I have random strangers emailing me everyday asking me to do a link exchange/blog about their event/plug their product/attempt to create an internet buzz about their service etc.

Sometimes, these people have little or nothing to offer in return. But other times, we strike a deal that reminds me how much I love my job and love the professional structure of my life!

So again, good problems to have because these problems lead to the problem of having "too much to do" as Ringo Starr would say.

In high school, my AP English teacher once scolded me by stating:

"you're leading the banter of idiots in this classroom."

I sardonically responded: "Yes, but you admit I'm displaying leadership abilities."

This month The Sports Bank is averaging over 5,000 page views a day. That's a fair number of "idiots" to be leading around.

But it's only a start. I need to work harder and make that number 50,000 one day.

SES helps provide some of the requisite skills for reaching that mark.

And of course, I need to close with another Biggie quote: "You're blowing up like I thought I would, it's all good."

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