Non-Challenge Decision is Grounds to Fire Lovie Smith


Temporarily forget the fact that Jay Cutler has been sacked 19 times in three games. For a moment, overlook how Chicago Bears Coach Lovie Smith brought in a new offensive coordinator to build a pass-happy offense around linemen that are allergic to pass protection and wide receivers that are too mentally challenged to execute their routes efficiently. Or that the front office spent money on a valuable weapon like Chester Taylor, only to have him see minimal carries and scant playing time.

Lovie has allowed all these problems to occur on his watch, and he should be held accountable for his negligence. But the most fireable offense of all, he committed today in the 17-14 loss to Washington. Because he failed to challenge a call that he would have easily won, and that call would have been enough to change the L to a W.
Well, I don't want to go too much more into it, since this is all you're going to hear about on sports talk radio in this town for the entire upcoming week (seriously, 670 The Score, I know the Bears do the biggest numbers for you, so you must discuss them more than any other topic, but you are actually allowed to discuss non-Bears related topics too, believe it or not!).

But watch this video below which explains Lovie's bone-headed decision, and how this offense is indeed grounds for termination.

On a side note, Lovie is also quite possibly the most BORING soundbite in the history of Chicago sports, so I will not miss him, not one bit.

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