Kendall Gill talks Bulls Free Agency: EXCLUSIVE


The NBA free

agency season has just begun, and trust me- it will be a hundred
times more interesting and exciting than last year's NBA regular
season. I say that without hyperbole.

And if you don't believe
me check out these tweets from Chris Bosh himself,
the third most sought after free agent in this class. Bosh posted them
right before: "I've been watching this clock and it won't speed up!"


after: "The time is finally here. Thank you for all the support. I'm
nervous, but I'm excited and READY! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!" open
season officially commenced.

And the Chicago Bulls
are premier players in this free agency period. Former Bull Kendall

Gill was added to Comcast SportsNet's studio coverage of the Chicago Bulls as
analyst prior to the '06-'07 season. He also serves as college
analyst for the Big Ten Network.

recently had an exclusive with Gill where we talked Bulls free
agency prospects.


began by talking about all the cap space the Bulls have recently
cleared, and asking what kind of position they're in when it comes to
handing out two max contracts.

"An ability to make a run at
Chris Bosh and LeBron James
, and if you can do that, both Gar
Forman and John Paxson deserve NBA Executive of the year," Gill

"I know them trading Kirk Hinrich was a hard thing to
do because he's been here so long and he's given his blood, sweat and
tears to the organization, but the bottom line is, you try to move the
organization forward to win. And this move, if they can make this
happen, which we're all hoping for, would make the Bulls a dynasty for
the next 10-12 years," Gill continued.

PMB: Signing two max
contract free agents, joining Derrick Rose now they have a standard big

KG: Big three, big market, big fan support, it seems
like the perfect storm to me. If I'm LeBron James, I'm looking at it
like yeah Cleveland
is my hometown team, but I've been there for seven years. And the team
that was put together was supposed to be the one to win it, and we
didn't get it done. Shaq's no longer going to be there, we have no
Coach, no General Manager, what else are they going to do to win? So I
have to look elsewhere.

So Lebron James stated it himself,
he said his legacy is going to be determined by championships, he's not
going to win a championship in Cleveland,
but he can here. Next year.

PMB: It seems like
Cleveland just fumbled LeBron away...

KG: I think so, if you
have a superstar, he's looking for a foundation, something solid to
stand on and they don't have it. The fact that Tom
Izzo couldn't get a read on Lebron
and what he was going to do,
that spells trouble. I think if he was going to stay, Izzo would have
taken the job. LeBron is looking at other places- New York, New Jersey.
Yes they're great cities, but no team." 

PMB: What about Joe
Johnson, I keep hearing rumors he's expecting 4 years, $15 million...

Joe Johnson needs the basketball to be effective, there's a guy here by
the name of Derrick
who the basketball belongs to. I don't think he'll be a good
fit for this team. Is he a good player? Yes he is. But for that amount
of money, you have to do everything for me. You have to score, rebound,
play defense. Joe Johnson does one thing well, he dominates the ball and
he scores. He's a good scorer, not a great scorer.

That kind of money for that kind of player reminds me of the Ben Wallace
signing. He got $16 million a year for three years...

KG: He
made his money off what he did in Detroit, and in Detroit he was
surrounded by four All-Stars, it makes it easy for you to be successful.
When he came here that wasn't the case anymore. That's why he had such a
hard time. I knew that when they signed him. I like Ben, I think he's a
good guy, but as far as basketball talent is concerned he wasn't the
savior; as they thought he was going to be. And I think we can sort of
put Joe Johnson in that same category. If he were a truly great player,
they wouldn't have gotten swept by Boston. 

Would I invite
him here? Yeah, if he was willing to come here for less than $15 million
a year, and with the understanding that he's going to be the second
fiddle to Derrick Rose, then yeah I'd probably bring him here.

Gill has had a tremendous impact on Chicago area basketball on all
levels. The Flossmoor, IL native and Rich Central High School star
went from the south suburbs to the University
of Illinois
where he starred on the "Flyin Illini" 1989 Final
Four team. He was then picked fifth overall in the 1990 NBA Draft by
the Charlotte Hornets. He played over 15 years in the NBA with seven
teams including 2003-04 with Chicago. His best season was '96-'97 when
he scored just under 22 points per game for New Jersey.

Written by Paul M. Banks, President and CEO of The Sports
, a Midwest focused webzine. He is also a regular contributor to Chicago
, the Chicago Tribune's blog network, Walter, the Washington
Times Communities
, Yardbarker Network, and Fox

You can follow him on
Twitter @thesportsbank
and @bigtenguru


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  • The best team he was on was that #1 seed Sonics team. who unfortch became the first 1 to lose to an 8 in the first round. His best years were with the Hornets and the Nets.

  • Now that he's boxing Gill is in the best shape of his life. or close to it, at 43 years old.

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